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Mount Vernon Wedding Photography

When we document your nuptials on film, we are going to be privy to some very private moments. We will be present when you and your intended have deeply meaningful interactions with your closest friends and family. Your Northern Virginia wedding photographers will see you laugh and cry. We will be present when you tell them how much they mean to you.

You and your beloved allow us into those private moments because you trust us to witness them and do them justice photographically. That is a sacred responsibility that we take extremely seriously. You will be opening their lives to us expecting that you will get unforgettable wedding photos in return. We aim to deliver exactly that every time we pick up our cameras and start photographing couples like you.

One of the most intimate moments of which we get to take pictures is when a bride gets into her wedding dress. The intimacy of that scene has very little to do with the fact that she is changing clothes. The best Northern Virginia wedding photographers know how to blend into the background so that our clients do not feel uncomfortable. We also choose camera angles that ensure that the resulting pictures are modest and tasteful. Instead, we are talking about how a bride is sharing that moment with her closest friends and confidants. Most brides whom we photograph ask their maid of honor, sister or mother to help them get into their wedding dress. It is an opportunity to bond with the women in their lives and make them part of the wedding day. Unsurprisingly, the moment when the maid of honor or mother of the bride zips up the white dress is very poignant. All involved frequently shed a tear — making for the type of scene we love to photograph.

Mount Vernon Country Club Wedding

Sometimes excitement is the prevailing emotion, and the bride cannot stop smiling at those helping her into the wedding dress. That was the case with the bride-to-be in the picture featured here. She shared that special moment with two close friends at the swanky Mount Vernon Country Club in Alexandria, Virginia. The bride got ready in a luxurious room at that wedding venue. As wedding photographers, we especially liked the wooden dividers that the venue’s extremely helpful staff had arranged. They made for a very visually pleasing background in the photos that we took. The partitions also fostered the illusion that we had stumbled on and were taking pictures of a private moment. The subjects appear completely unaware of the camera. And when that happens, a Northern Virginia wedding photographer is going to get very genuine emotions on film.

Regarding the emotions of that moment, we love the expression on the bride’s face. The joy and excitement that she is feeling as her friend ties the back of her dress is obvious. You can tell that her wedding day just got real for her. Something about getting into the wedding dress with her best friends by her side is making her realize that she is about to get married. And the friend the bride is facing is clearly sharing the excitement. Which is making the bride that much more excited herself.

Location: Mount Vernon Country Club, 5111 Old Mill Rd, Alexandria, VA 22309.

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