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Pennsylvania 6

Pennsylvania 6

1940 Style Wedding Venue in Washington DC

Type of venue: Restaurant

Location: Downtown Washington, DC

Wedding events that can be held there:

- Receptions

- Rehearsal dinners

- Bridal showers

- Bachelorette parties

- Post-wedding brunches

Maximum total capacity: 360 guests (mix of seated and standing)

What we love about the venue:

The first thing that we noticed about Pennsylvania 6 is its prime location in downtown Washington. As DC wedding photographers, we judge every wedding venue by how it can make the pictures of newlyweds spectacular. The best Washington, DC, wedding photos often feature the city’s most iconic landmarks in the background. Venues in the heart of downtown Washington, DC, offer newlyweds the chance to take couples portraits near many of them.

With that in mind, Pennsylvania 6 is about as centrally located as it is possible for a DC venue to be. It is adjacent to Franklin Square Park and five blocks from the White House. It is also around the corner from the National Museum of Women in the Arts, one of Washington’s hidden gems. It is very easy for newlyweds to stop at several of Washington’s best-known locations for couples portraits before arriving at the restaurant. They can also dip out of their wedding reception for some night photos with DC’s beautiful architecture in the background.

Pennsylvania 6’s interior is also a great place for stunning Washington wedding photos. The DC wedding venue’s decor seamlessly blends elements from the nation’s and the city’s pasts. The walls are adorned with both black-and-white photographs of old Hollywood and artwork by local Washington-based artists. This makes Pennsylvania 6 perfect for DC, an area that mixes the national and the local so beautifully.

The best part of this venue for Washington, DC, wedding photographers is the abundance of private nooks within a larger space. We love it using spots like these to give our DC wedding photography added intimacy. Our photos should highlight the connection between two people in love, and privacy allows that to come out on film. Pennsylvania 6 boasts several cozy spaces for couples portraits away from the boisterousness of a wedding reception.

A good fit for:

- Brides and grooms looking for an upscale and sophisticated venue with elegant interior touches such as hand-crafted antique lighting; dark wood walls; heavy, comfortable furniture and a long, marble-topped bar.

- Couples who want a venue with a retro feel and Washingtonian elements.

- Future spouses who want a reception in downtown Washington within a short walk of iconic landmarks like the White House.

- Seafood lovers who want to serve their wedding guests delicious oysters from a raw bar.

- Fiancés who are planning an intimate wedding reception in a venue with customizable spaces.

Elegant Wedding Reception at Pennsylvania 6 DCImmediately inside of Pennsylvania 6’s front door is its magnificent marble-topped bar. Up to 180 wedding guests can congregate around it. To the right of The Bar is a matching marble Communal Table that is a perfect spot for sipping drinks, enjoying appetizers and chatting about the ceremony. On the other side of the table is a window looking out onto Eye Street NW and Franklin Square Park. Between Pennsylvania 6 and the park is The Patio, an outdoor area can accommodate an additional 35 standing guests, assuming the DC weather is cooperative.

Pennsylvania 6 PhotographsComing around to the opposite side of The Bar, you find one of Pennsylvania 6’s main attractions: The Oyster Side Bar. Oysters are a featured item on the restaurant’s menu, and the layout of Pennsylvania 6 does a great job of showcasing this part of their offerings. Up to 18 seated wedding guests or 25 total attendees can get a front row seat for the preparation and plating of the seafood dishes through an open space in a wall that is beautifully appointed with black and white chevron tiles.

Elegant Wedding Reception in DC

Wedding Receptions in Washington DC
One of our favorite spots in Pennsylvania 6 (and the one that, in our professional experience as wedding photographers, is the best for taking memorable couples portraits) is The Parlor. Located at the far end of The Bar, that portion of the wedding venue is slightly elevated from the main floor and offers newlyweds a cozy lounge-type space that is set apart from the rest of the restaurant. Its heavy mahogany and leather chairs, gorgeous candlelit fireplace and antique game tables gave us the sense that we were in an elegant study or private library in a Gilded Age mansion. Everywhere we looked, we saw great spots for photographing couples enjoying their first few hours as a married couple. The furniture is perfect for cuddling up in and creating a sense of physical closeness that looks great when captured on film, and there are numerous mirrors that can be used to create beautiful and interesting reflection portraits.

Weddings at Pennsylvania 6 DCDirectly opposite The Parlor, past The Oyster Side Bar on the other side of The Bar is The Perch, a truly unique little space in which newlyweds can pose for very romantic portraiture. Though The Perch is technically separated from The Bar and the adjacent Main Dining Room, its interior can be seen quite clearly from the outside through two large glass windows. The Perch normally contains a luxurious table with a brass chandelier and room for six people, but it can also be set up as a private bar (as it was in this photo). The subtle oak accents and wine rack containing more than 150 bottles that makes up one of the back walls gives the whole space an opulent feel that looks great as a backdrop for pictures of brides and grooms. As wedding photographers, we particularly like the way that the “closed but open” nature of The Perch allows us to create pictures in which the newly married spouses are alone in the middle of a crowded room.

Quirky Weddings at Pennsylvania 6 in DCBetween The Perch and The Oyster Side Bar sits Pennsylvania 6’s Main Dining Room, one of four different and unique spaces that brides and grooms can rent for a post-wedding ceremony dinner and/or reception. In total, the four rooms can seat up to 110 wedding guests (or 80 seated attendees with space set aside for a cocktail reception.

Occupying the same portion of the restaurant as The Main Dining Room but easily separated from the latter by a sliding wood panel dividers is The Tennyson Room, Pennsylvania 6’s homage to Old Hollywood. Hanging on lovely oak-paneled walls above an opulent and classy black leather banquette are black-and-white photographs of legendary actors and actresses of yesteryear, such as Frank Sinatra and James Dean. For wedding photographers who love history as much as we do, this space is ideal for capturing images of newlyweds that feel like they were taken in a different century. For a rehearsal dinner or wedding reception, up to 34 wedding guests can be seated in The Tennyson Room and as many as 45 can fit if standing.

Best DC Reception VenuePast The Tennyson Room, in the far back of Pennsylvania 6 are The Oxford Room and The Windsor Room, the restaurants’s other two private rooms. Like The Tennyson Room, these two spaces can be separated from the rest of the space (and from each other) by lovely oak-paneled dividers. Alternatively, the three rooms can be combined into a larger area that brides and grooms can use for wedding receptions with as many as 55 seated guests or a cocktail reception to which as many as 80 can be invited. The highlights of The Oxford Room include exquisite red flooring, elegant crystal chandeliers and a smaller (but full-service) version of Pennsylvania 6’s main marble-topped bar. Its best feature, in our opinion as professional wedding photographers, though, is the gallery of artwork produced by local Washington, DC, artists hanging on the walls. That is a great (and subtle) way to introduce Washingtonian elements into the photos that we take of a couple’s wedding celebrations.

The Windsor Room is similarly elegantly appointed, the main difference being its walls, which are paneled with black lacquered millwork. It is slightly smaller than The Oxford Room, fitting 26 seated wedding guests or 35 standing (versus 32 and 45 for its sister space).

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