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There is a lot to consider when choosing wedding photographers. For starters, you have to like their style. Picturing yourself and your future spouse in the images in their portfolio should bring a smile to your face. You and your wedding photographers should also click on a personal level. They are among the only people who will be with you for your entire wedding day. Because of that, it is important that you select people you enjoy being around! Price is also a critical consideration. Weddings in DC can be quite expensive, and you’ll definitely want to stay within your budget. If you are already knee-deep in your wedding planning, then you no doubt already know all this. There is one consideration, however, that you might not be aware of. And that is the importance of selecting local wedding photographers in DC.

Who Are Washington DC Local Wedding Photographers?

Now, you might think that last sentence is the stupidest thing you have ever heard. If your wedding is taking place in Washington DC, any wedding photographers you hire will be locals by default, right? And you would have an excellent point. (Some couples do bring in destination wedding photographers from outside of the Nation’s Capital, but that is a different story for a different time.)

Allow us to clarify what we meant a little. When we say “local wedding photographers,” we mean photographers who are locals. Wedding professionals who are longtime residents of the Washington DC metro area. People who know the city like the back of their hands. Photographers who are very much the DC part of “Washington DC wedding photographers.”

More Than Just Wedding Photographers Nearby You

You might wonder why any of this matters. If wedding photographers live and work in the Nation’s Capital, that should be sufficient, right? It can indeed be enough to just hire wedding photographers nearby you. That is, of course, as long as making the city a part of your matrimonial images does not matter much to you. Then you absolutely do not need wedding photographers who are locals at all.

Only a Local Wedding Photographer Can Tell Your DC Love Story

For most couples who marry in the Washington DC area, however, it is tremendously important that the Nation’s Capital feature in their photos. Why? Because they want their wedding photos to tell their love story to the world.

And more often than not, DC is a vital and inseparable part of that tale. In many cases, it is the place where the two future spouses met. Maybe they studied together at one of DC’s universities or worked for the same employer. Even if not, it is frequently the city in which they fell in love. It is where they got to know each other better, where they started planning a life together and where they plan to live after their marriage celebrations. Washington DC is home to places they went on dates, places that evoke important shared memories and perhaps, the place where one popped the question.

Because those locations are important parts of a couple’s love story, the city becomes a vital component of it as well. And that means that their wedding photographers MUST weave Washington DC into their marriage pictures. And the best professionals know that the Nation’s Capital is much more than just the monuments, memorials and museums. DC is also all the little spots around the city that make it special and unique. And only a local wedding photographer knows Washington DC inside and out enough to make them a part of your images.

Georgetown DC Portraits by Local Photographers for Weddings

The couple featured in this image illustrated our point perfectly. The bride was originally from Ohio. Her groom grew up in Pennsylvania. Fate brought them together when both moved to Washington DC for work reasons. Their meeting, dating and courting all took place in and around the Nation’s Capital. It was only fitting, then, that they also tied the knot there. The couple had an intimate wedding ceremony in the National United Methodist Church, followed by dinner with their immediate families.

It was also fitting that the couple also wanted their couples portraits to be quintessentially “DC.” According to them, it was an important factor in their decision to hire wedding photographers who are also locals. To give them images with that Washingonian flavor, we took them to one of the city’s most famous neighborhoods: Georgetown. Not much says “Washington DC” better than the hustle and bustle of M Street Northwest. It combines a bit of everything that makes the Nation’s Capital unique. The tourists, the students, the shopping, the historic buildings, the parks… When you are on M Street, you really feel like you are in DC.

The only problem with central Georgetown (as a location for couples portraits, anyway) is the crowd. As much as they are critical to giving DC flavor to pictures, they can be distracting to a couple posing for portraits. It can be hard to get lost in the moment when the typical summer throngs are passing close by. Fortunately, the best local photographers for weddings know just how to deal with that. The trick is to find little nooks that give a little separation between the couple and the sidewalk. That gives the couple some privacy while still capturing the essence of a typical DC street scene.

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