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Our goal as your DC wedding photographers is to give you pictures that tell your love story. Ideally, the images we create should capture who you are as a couple and what brought you to one another. A person who has never met either of you should be able to understand why you love each other from just a glance at your photo album.

That is one reason why the best DC wedding photographers suggest that you personalize your wedding and engagement portraits. Bringing elements of yourselves to those photos help make your pictures unique to you. So if you met and bonded over a shared love of ultimate frisbee, an engagement session in a park tossing a disc is a great idea. If a mutual appreciation of classic movies is what brought you together, consider a Casablanca-themed shoot. If you both love dogs, then bringing a canine friend to your couples portrait session is never a bad choice.

Obviously, it is a lot easier for your Washington DC wedding photographer to include these elements in an engagement shoot. The logistical realities of a wedding day can make certain activities unfeasible. To take the example above, your DC wedding venues might not have a space suitable for throwing a frisbee back and forth. Not to mention that you might not want to do that in your wedding dress or tuxedo! By comparison, an engagement shoot gives you and your photographer a lot more freedom to get creative with your portraiture.

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Nonetheless, great local wedding photographers can still find ways to make your wedding-day portraits unique to you. This is particularly true if the Nation’s Capital has played an important part in your love story. If it has, then there are thousands of great ways that your photographer can incorporate the city into your photographs. (Assuming, of course, that your marriage celebrations are in the DC metro area!) He or she can get pictures of you and your future spouse with any number of Washington icons behind you. There is a hardly a corner of DC that does not have some special historical significance.

The challenge to portraiture in the Nation’s Capital, however, is the fact that you and your future spouse are not the only ones drawn to what the city has to offer. Washington, DC’s monuments, museums and memorials attract hordes of tourists every year. What this means for wedding photography is that it is next to impossible to get a “clean” shot of newlyweds with the city’s most famous structures in the background.

So how do we deal with that particular issue when we take pictures of couples like you in downtown DC. To some degree, we embrace the reality of the situation. Living in a big city like Washington means there are almost always a lot of people. The crowds are part of the atmosphere and character of the Nation’s Capital. So in our opinions, photos with lots of tourists in the background could not be more typically “Washington.”

Naturally, though, we do not want the throngs of people visiting DC’s most famous sites to disturb you while you are posing for your portraits. So we will also seek to carve out private spaces for you away from the jostling crowd. Being longtime Washington residents, we know a lot of spots that are near the monuments but set apart from the tourists. For example, the back side of the Lincoln Memorial is less frequented by visitors than the front. Posing there still gives you, though, the monument’s iconic columns as a backdrop. As a location, it also has the added advantage of introducing the Washington Monument and US Capitol into the shot.

This approach is very easy if we are photographing you on a downtown DC street. The numerous building entrances and alleys make perfect nooks into which we can tuck the two of you. Sheltered from the crowds passing by on the sidewalk, you have the privacy to cuddle and show your affection for one another without fear of being disturbed. That creates one of our favorite effects: a couple enjoying a private moment in an otherwise public setting.

You can see how nice that effect looks in this portrait of two newlyweds. We took it on M Street, the main thoroughfare through Washington’s tony Georgetown neighborhood. They had asked us to get pictures of them on that famous area’s best known avenue. Because it was a lovely late summer day, though, there were lots of people out and about. We were concerned that the crowds might take their focus off of one another, so we did what we mentioned above. We had them duck into the entrance of a building, giving them a bit of separation from passersby. That short distance and partial wall was enough for them to barely notice that anyone else was around. And the result was a portrait that captures both their love and the city in which that love blossomed.

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