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Outdoor Wedding Photos

Having trouble deciding whether to have your DC area wedding inside or outside?

If so, we understand how difficult that choice can be for couples. On the one had, indoor wedding ceremonies guarantee that bad weather will not disrupt your plans. And that added layer of security can give you a more relaxed wedding day. On the other hand, though, there is nothing quite like getting married amid the splendor of nature. When Mother Nature cooperates, a wedding with an open sky above and the sun shining down is gorgeous in a way that no indoor marriage celebration can be. And that is part of another advantage of having your wedding outside. Namely, outdoor wedding photos can be absolutely spectacular! Pictures of the two of you exchanging your vows with the greens and yellows of the Northern Virginia country as a backdrop truly does the beauty of your love justice.

Outdoor Wedding Ceremony Photos

It is not just the loveliness of nature that makes outdoor wedding ceremony photos so unforgettable. (Though that certainly is a big part of it!) There are other aspects of those marriage celebrations that allow your photographer to give you unforgettable pictures. One of the most important is the flexibility that an outdoor wedding ceremony allows. Most indoor venues (especially houses of worship) have restrictions on where your wedding photographer can go during your ceremony.

This is perfectly understandable, of course, and we always respect the rules at indoor wedding venues when photographing in them. At the same time, those regulations tend to limit the pictures that we can give our couples. If we can only be in the side aisles or the back of the space, the possibilities for creative angles during the ceremony are going to be much fewer. We still give our all to make the photos we take magical, but there are certain practical realities when it comes to indoor wedding ceremonies.

Weddings outside, by comparison, generally do not have the same prohibitions. Your wedding photographers typically have the freedom to move wherever you are comfortable having them go. And with that liberty comes the opportunity to take especially creative photos. For starters, if we can go behind your officiant, we can get better shots of your exchange of vows and rings. Not only do we get a clearer view of the rings going on fingers, we can also work your face (and any emotions they show) into the images we create.

Best Outdoor Wedding Photos

The best outdoor wedding photos, though, come if you give us complete freedom of movement during your ceremony. Then we can get some really spectacular shots. For example, we can capture the aforementioned exchange of rings from below. Directly below. If you let us, we can lie down on the ground during that part of the ceremony to photograph that sacred moment from a truly creative angle. Though it might seem an odd choice to allow your wedding photographers to do that, the results make it more than worth it. Just imagine a closeup picture of a ring going on a finger with only the open sky behind it. Just your hands and the rings with the blue heavens above. Pretty stunning, no?

Outdoor Wedding Venues in Northern Virginia

The moment captured in this picture is another great example of the kind of shot we can get at wedding ceremonies outside. We took it at a marriage celebration at Vanish Farmwoods Brewery in Leesburg Virginia. (One of the best outdoor wedding venues in Northern Virginia, by the way!)

Photographing the father of the bride delivering his daughter to her future spouse can sometimes be a challenge. Getting a clear view is not always easy. Why? Because of the complexity of the movements. The dad typically gives the bride a kiss once they reach the altar (sometimes after lifting up her veil). He will then usually turn to his daughter’s spouse-to-be and give him or her a hug or a handshake.

If your wedding photographers can only be in the side aisles or behind your guests at that moment, there is a good chance that they will not be able to do it justice photographically. With all the turning and moving around, getting clear views of people’s faces is sometimes difficult from those vantage points. With the freedom that outdoor ceremonies give us, however, we can be in position to document the beauty of those interactions in ways that tell the story very plainly. Like we did in this image!


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