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Rust Manor Wedding Photographers in Northern VA

A picture of you and your beloved communicating your love for one another through a glance, a caress or even through your body language can literally say more about your feelings than an entire book of words. That is why those are the types of photos that we aim to take of you at your wedding venues in Northern Virginia. We want to create images for you that help tell a very important part of your unique love story. The gallery of photographs that we deliver to you will not just chronicle what happened on the day you got married. It will also also show the world what makes your relationship unique. It will highlight that something special that brought the two of you to the altar.

To make sure that we give you the kinds of photos that capture the essence of who you are as a couple, we constantly evaluate our work as wedding photographers in Northern VA. More importantly, we also continually challenge ourselves to do better. We want to make sure that the images we will capture for you are effective storytelling devices.

Sneak Peek by Northern Virginia Wedding Photographer

One thing that is particularly helpful in this is the process selecting pictures for the “sneak peek” that we will deliver to you. In the weeks following your wedding, we look through the thousands of images we have taken and choose 25 to 30 of them. Obviously, the best result of this exercise is you getting a collection of photos that gives you a beautiful overview of the events of your wedding day. Those images give you a little taste of the type of photos you will receive when we deliver the full gallery to you. You have a little something to share with your family and friends in anticipation of the remainder of the photographs.

Choosing these images benefits you in other, less direct ways as well. Knowing that we must tell your love story with relatively few pictures forces us to take photos that communicate the emotions and moments of your wedding powerfully. That then guides the way we approach photographing your marriage celebrations. We focus on the most obviously significant moments that happen, but also the little (but no less important) stories that play out during the course of the day.

One of the things that we have noticed when have done this exercise is what a unique challenge choosing images from the getting-ready portion of a wedding day poses. There are (conservatively) hundreds of little scenes that matter. A bride seeing her hair and makeup in the mirror for the first time, for example. Or the mother of the bride seeing her little girl looking so beautiful and ready to marry the love of her life. Or bridesmaids sharing a teary hug with their sister/cousin/friend. Or the bride-to-be getting helped into her wedding dress. These are just a few of the many moments that could be vital to narrating the love story of the two people getting married. While it is great to have so many great options, it is sometimes a little hard to whittle down to the one or two images that perfectly encapsulate that portion of the day!

Bride Getting Ready Photos from Rust Manor Wedding

The picture that we felt best summed up the process of getting this bride ready for her outdoor ceremony at Rust Manor House in Leesburg, Virginia, was a very simple one. She was already completely made up and zipped into her wedding dress, and was just attending to the final touches before walking out the door. One of her bridesmaids (who was also her future sister-in-law) brought the bride her exquisite veil and helped fasten it to her hair.

The reason this image was so significant in telling the story of this bride’s wedding day was because of the gentleness with which her future sister-in-law attached the veil. That spoke volumes about how close-knit this family was, how being there for one another was a huge part of the family’s shared ethos and how a marriage simply increased the size and reach of all that. So a picture that communicated the importance of that little moment was extremely valuable to this bride and her family.

Location: Rust Manor House, 802 Childrens Center Rd SW, Leesburg, VA 20175.

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