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No matter what your particular individual tastes might be, you want your wedding to be unique. It is a celebration of you and your partner, as well as everything that is special about your relationship. So it needs to reflect your individual and “couple” personalities. Plus, you will definitely want your wedding to be an event that your guests remember for a long time to come. So it needs to be distinctive, one-of-a-kind and perhaps above all, fun. And what is the key to a marriage celebration that has all those elements? The venue. The place that hosts your wedding sets the entire tone for the event. If you choose a location that is unique, you are already halfway to having a really standout wedding. And if you are looking for that in Washington DC, we recommend that you consider a theatre wedding venue.

What Makes a Wedding in a Theatre Special

“Special” is not a descriptor we use lightly when it comes to wedding venues. Especially when it comes to locations in the Washington DC metro area. The Nation’s Capital is without peer when it comes to hosting wedding celebrations. Pick a type of venue, and you will find a good dozen excellent choices in or around the city. And no matter how specific your preferences, DC has a location that will fit them. So to be unique, a wedding venue really needs to be something.

Even in a metropolitan area teeming with awesome places to marry, theatres stand out. A wedding in a theatre gives you a look and feel you cannot get anywhere else. How so? Here are three elements that make a difference:

Elevated stages

What is the main focus of your wedding ceremony? Dumb question, right? It is you and your soon-to-be spouse exchanging vows and rings. So naturally, you want all of your guests to have a great view of that part of your wedding. A theatre wedding venue ensures that that happens. Most theatres that host marriage celebrations have a raised stage that serves as the site for your ceremony. That sets the two of you apart from your guests during that portion of your wedding. Combined with the banked seating and spotlighting, it guarantees that no one will be able to take their eyes off of you.

Timeless decor

In a city devoted to preserving America’s collective history and cultural heritage, it should come as no surprise that DC’s theatre wedding locations embrace a timeless aesthetic. Though a few of them have a more modern vibe, the vast majority have a decidedly historical ambience. So if you like the idea of a wedding that could have been held in any era, a theatre is a great way to have that.

Balcony views

Just like the elevated stage is an element you will not find in many other DC-area venues, so too are the balconies you find in most theatres that host weddings. From that angle, your wedding guests will naturally get a one-of-a-kind view of your ceremony. Which will definitely make your marriage celebrations stand out in their minds.

Perhaps equally important is the creative perspective your wedding photographers will have as they are documenting your exchange of vows. You will get images of that part of your wedding unlike anything that you (or your friends) have ever seen. Similarly, your photographers can use the difference in elevation to create really stunning portraits of the two of you. Sweeping shots with you up on the stage that emphasize that aforementioned timeless decor look great when taken from above. As do closeups of the two of you in the balcony with your venue behind you.

Where to Find a Great Theatre Wedding Venue in DC

Have we piqued your interest in having your wedding in a theatre? Then here are some wonderful venues in Washington DC to check out as you start your search:

  • Warner Theatre. Located on Pennsylvania Avenue NW just east of the White House, this is perhaps DC’s most famous theater and a very popular wedding venue.
  • The Howard Theatre. A Washington DC landmark attached to one of the city’s best known universities, this location has loads of historic charm even after recent renovations.
  • Arena Stage at the Mead Center for American Theater. If you are looking for a theater wedding with a more modern feel, this venue in Southwest Washington DC is a great choice.
  • Union Stage. A great fit for larger celebrations in The Wharf (a new development on the Potomac River), this spot can accommodate up to 450 wedding guests.

Theatre Wedding Photos

Lest you think that grand, sweeping portraits are all you get from a wedding in a theatre, more intimate shots in those venues are also extremely lovely. As we hope this image shows! We took it at a destination wedding at the Sorg Opera House just outside of Dayton Ohio.

This couple’s ceremony up on the stage was fun and emotional and resulted in some beautiful theatre wedding photos. But it was also an intense culmination of what had been a somewhat draining day. So before jumping into the craziness of their reception, we wanted to calm things down a bit to focus on the connection between the couple. So we asked them to sit in the venue’s theatre seating and adopt a casual pose. That gave them the look and feel of a pair of newlyweds who are just basking in the glow of being married and enjoying where they are at.

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