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Top Wedding Photographers DC

One of the best things about being a Washington DC wedding photographer is the impact we have on the people we take pictures for. As wedding professionals, we will preserve your happiest memories of one of the biggest days of your life. We create images that will remind you and your future spouse of all the emotions you will have felt during your marriage celebrations. Award-winning DC wedding photographers like us have the privilege of taking pictures that you will be able to show your children and children’s children. There are not that many professions out there that allow you to touch the lives of people in such meaningful ways.

With that in mind, our main focus when photographing your wedding is going to be you. You and your future spouse are the two people getting married, after all! It is your day! However, preserving memories of your nuptials requires more than that. We have to expand our views quite a bit. Award-winning, top wedding photographers in the Nation’s Capital have to point their cameras at more than just you posing for couples portraits. We will also capture images of everything else that happens at your marriage celebration. We will take pictures of your mother shedding a tear when the rings are exchanged. We will photograph your father beaming with pride as he sees you at the altar. We will get pictures of the groomsmen clowning around during the getting-ready process. We will create photographs of you sharing a champagne toast with your closest friends.

Wedding Photographers DC

Award-winning wedding photographers like us also take pictures of the members of your extended family attending your marriage celebration. This is an extremely important, but often overlooked, part of awesome wedding photography. We often hear months later from newlyweds how much they value having pictures of their grandparents, aunts and uncles, and cousins. They tell us that their weddings were one of the few times in their adult lives that everyone in their family was together. We recognize the value of getting records of that and want to make sure that we give you beautiful reminders of those moments you shared.

That is why we are always on the lookout for these kinds of shots during your wedding. In particular, we keep our eyes open for and cameras ready to photograph scenes with an intergenerational focus. Pictures of the bride, her mother and her grandmother hugging are often the ones that the former treasures most. As a result, those images are some of the most meaningful that we capture at Washington, DC weddings.

Not all weddings in the Nation’s Capital provide these kinds of moments, though. For a variety of reasons, extended family cannot always be present. In those cases, award-winning DC photographers have to get a little creative. In this photo, for example, we managed to work three generations into the shot in a very subtle way. After the bride got into her wedding dress, she was modeling it for her bridesmaids and close relatives. As she twirled around, her young niece was watching her, perhaps dreaming about her own wedding day. That was not the whole story, though. A third generation is present in the background of the image. Behind the crowd of bridesmaids is a photo of a woman in a wedding dress. Because this bride chose to get married at her parents’ farm, the woman in the photograph is, unsurprisingly, the bride’s mother. So in a very indirect way, the bride, her niece and their mother/grandmother shared a beautiful wedding experience. And that makes it a priceless image for you as a client.

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