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Wedding photography is one of the most important purchases that you will make for your Washington DC marriage celebrations. No, we are not at all impartial when we say that! But biases aside, it is still true. Photos will be your main vehicle for reliving your precious memories from your wedding day. They should allow you to re-experience everything you felt when you married your soulmate. They should help your children and grandchildren feel what it was like to be at your wedding. To make sure that happens, you must choose the very best professional wedding photographers possible. Not just ones who are competent. Not just ones who are good. No, you need to pick from the top wedding photographers in DC. You deserve the best and should not settle for anything less!

It is easy to say that, of course, but a completely different thing to do it in practice. After all, how do you determine who the standout Washington wedding photographers are? There are lots of choices out there, and it can be hard to figure out which ones will really do your marriage celebrations justice. With that in mind, here are a few things that we think set the best wedding photographers apart from the rest.

Top Washington DC Wedding Photographers Should Preserve Moments

The most important thing that your wedding photographers should do for you is a record of your wedding day. As time goes by, your memories of your marriage celebrations will get hazier. It is just an unfortunate fact of life that the details of what happened and who was there will start to fade. Unless, of course, you have beautiful pictures that jog your memory and remind you of everything that you loved about your wedding. So in our opinion, the top Washington DC wedding photographers are those who can give you a gallery of images that walk you through that magical day and keep those memories alive in your mind forever. So start by searching for professionals who specialize in a documentary style of wedding photography. Look for portfolios that focus on what happened at a particular marriage event.

A simple documentation of your wedding day is not enough, though. A gallery that simply tells you what happened is ok, but you deserve more than that. You deserve images that help you remember how you felt on your wedding day. Your pictures should transport you back in time and allow you to re-experience all the emotions -- the joy, the elation, the excitement. So the next step is to look for photographers whose work has depth and feeling.

Top Wedding Photographers in DC Should Tell Your Story

In addition to wanting the best in wedding photography, you no doubt also want images that stand out from the rest. You certainly want pictures that are immediately recognizable as yours -- and not just because you are in them! Ideally, your wedding gallery should help tell your personal, unique love story to the world.

With that in mind, the top wedding photographers in DC are those who produce pictures that highlight what is special about your relationship. Those images reveal what it is that binds the two of you together. They show the ways in which you personalize your wedding. And not just the venue or the decorations, but also the ways you choose to celebrate your nuptials and the interactions you have with the people in attendance. So when flipping through wedding photography portfolios, look for ones that tell you something about the people in them. Prioritize the photographers who make you feel like you know that couple and what it is that makes them click.

Top DC Wedding Photographers Should Make You Look Your Best

Of course, one of the things that you are going to want to remember most from your wedding day is how beautiful you looked. You are going to spend a lot of time (and probably a lot of money) ensuring that you are gorgeous throughout your marriage celebrations. When you look at the pictures in 30 years, you will want every one of them to show that off. At the very least, you are not going to want any images in which you do not look your best. With that in mind, then, the top DC wedding photographers will always take great pains to ensure that the pictures they take of you highlight your best features. So make sure to look for portfolios in which no harsh shadows or unpleasant expressions mar the faces of the subjects.

Top Wedding Photographers in Washington DC Should Focus on Families

You and your future spouse are not the only characters in your love story. The most significant? Of course! But you have not been on this journey alone. Your family and friends have also played important roles. Especially the former. Your grandparents, parents, siblings, aunts, uncles and cousins have all been a part -- even if in a small way -- of your path to the altar. That is just one of many reasons why each will probably have some part to play in your wedding celebrations. And it is the reason why we make sure to get lots of pictures of them on your big day.

Another reason is because we know how much you are going to treasure those shots later. Though you might not realize it now, your wedding could be one of the few times in your adult life that your entire family is together in the same place. We hear this all the time from newlyweds in the months and years following their marriage celebrations. And they almost always follow that up by telling us how valuable the pictures of their extended families have subsequently become.

It is not enough, however, for the top wedding photographers in Washington DC to just get lots of pictures of your family standing together and smiling at the camera. Yes, family formal portraits are important. But they do not really communicate what is special about the relationships you have with each member of your family. No, the images that matter are the ones that tell the story of your and them. The ones of you interacting with them. The ones that show how much you love each other. The ones that tell how they have been a part of your love story.

Intergenerational Moment Captured by Top Wedding Photographers DC

This image is a great example of a photo that preserves the kind of meaningful family interaction that newlyweds will treasure forever. We particularly like the added layer that it has. Namely, the intergenerational focus. We are always on the lookout for these kinds of moments during your wedding. Why? Because they communicate the history of a family and the bonds that unite the different generations. They also show the passage of time and the way that today’s bride becomes the mother and then grandmother of tomorrow’s. Getting pictures of those moments is not possible at every marriage celebration, though. For a variety of reasons, extended family cannot always be present at a wedding. In those cases, we have to get a little creative.

In this photo, for example, we managed to work three generations into the shot in a very subtle way. After the bride got into her wedding dress, she was modeling it for her bridesmaids and close relatives. As she twirled around, her young niece was watching her, perhaps dreaming about her own wedding day. That was not the whole story in this scene, though. A third generation is also present in the background of the image. Behind the crowd of bridesmaids is a photo of a woman in a wedding dress. Because this bride chose to get married at her parents’ farm, the woman in the photograph is, unsurprisingly, the bride’s mother. So in a very indirect way, the bride, her niece and their mother/grandmother shared a beautiful wedding experience. And the resulting image is one that truly tells the story of that bride’s wedding day.

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