Unscripted DC Wedding Photo in a Church
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Unscripted DC Wedding Photo in a Church

An unscripted wedding photo is by its very nature unique. After all, how can a picture of a spontaneous moment look like anything else? Whatever it was that happened at your wedding only took place at the exact time and place when the photographer captured the image. At the same time, the best documentary wedding photographers can still add that extra something that makes your images stand out even more. So that even though each moment is unique to your wedding, the photos shine on other merits as well. Then you get the best of both worlds. We preserve your most treasured wedding-day memories in a way that is beautiful and unforgettable.

How We Make Your Unscripted Wedding Photos Unique

As creative documentary wedding photographers, we commit ourselves to giving you exactly what we talked about above. We want to put the moments that matter most during your wedding on film forever. And we also want to make those images as one-of-a-kind as your relationship.

The first goal is about telling your story. It requires that we understand what and who matter to you. It means us following the action on your wedding day relentlessly and always keeping our cameras ready. And it involves constantly seeking out moments that say something about your relationship.

The second is about telling your story in some new way. It’s about adding flash, sizzle and magic to the images. It’s about making the photos of your wedding-day moments as beautiful as they will always be in your mind.

So how do we create unique unscripted wedding photos for you? In lots of ways, actually. Once we know that a particular scene is going to yield some moments worth capturing, we start looking for ways to inject creativity into the photos we’ll take. Maybe we add some lighting somewhere to increase the drama. Or perhaps we can punch it up with some colors. If there is a reflective surface nearby, we can create a cool mirror image. Or, if the space allows, we can document the scene from dramatic angles – far below or far above the action.

Creative Documentary Picture of Bride Entering Church

It should be fairly obvious the choice we made when capturing this moment on film! We knew that the couple would always want to remember and relive the instant when the bride and her father entered the church. The traditional way to do this is to get it from up near the altar. (And for the record, we also did that. While one of us is doing something creative, the other is almost always getting the “safe” shot.)

As is often the case, though, traditional can mean a little boring. And as we mentioned above, we always want to give you more than that. We arrived at St Mary Armenian Apostolic Church well before the ceremony began. And when we were scouting around, we noticed a huge mural on the wall right above the door. We also saw that there was a choir loft directly above both of them. This seemed like a perfect opportunity to capture the moment the bride and her father entered the church. The angle was plenty dramatic, and the mural would add something visually interesting. And sure enough, when the moment came, we captured an unscripted photo of the bride entering the church that was unique and memorable.

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Location: St Mary Armenian Apostolic Church, 4125 Fessenden St NW, Washington, DC 20016, United States.

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