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Washington DC Barn Weddings

Washington DC is one of the best places in the world to have your marriage celebrations. It has everything that you need to organize the wedding of your dreams. The metro area has the best planners, DJs, bands and caterers you will ever find. We would like to think that it has the world’s best wedding photographers too! And the wedding venues in Washington DC? We guarantee that no metro area has such a fantastic range of options. Whatever the size of your wedding and whatever your personal tastes, the Nation’s Capital has a location that fits your specific needs. It has the most luxurious of luxury hotels. The city has quirky art galleries that host weddings. Washington has breweries downtown where you can get married. And if Washington DC barn weddings are what you are looking for, then you can even find venues that give you that!

Are There Actually Washington DC Barn Weddings?

If you are a longtime DC resident, then you might be scratching your head right now. You have probably never seen a single barn anywhere in the District, let alone one that hosts nuptial events. And you would be right. We might be using the term “Washington DC barn wedding” a little loosely. What we mean is barn weddings in the greater DC metropolitan area. If you are willing to have your marriage celebrations in the areas surrounding the city, then you have great options for rural wedding venues. You can have your nuptials at gorgeous vineyards, at lovely working farms and, yes, in rustic (but comfortable) barns.

Why Choose a Barn Wedding near Washington DC?

Not sure if celebrating your wedding in a barn is the right choice for you? Then let us talk you through some of the reasons why tying the knot in that kind of DC wedding venue rocks!

Rustic Charm

The main appeal of barn weddings near Washington DC is quite obviously the distinctive look and feel the venue gives your marriage celebrations. If your dream wedding scenario features you and your future spouse exchanging vows amid the beauty of nature, then a barn wedding is a natural choice. But you can have an outdoor ceremony in lots of places. Vineyards, national parks and even some luxury hotels in downtown DC offer you that possibility. So what makes a barn wedding stand out from those other venues? In our opinion, it is the way they give your entire event a consistent vibe. Every part of your day will have a lovely rural charm. This is particularly true for your wedding reception. The warm wood walls and flooring, the soft lighting and the country-inspired decor give your post-ceremony party an unmistakable feel that you cannot get anywhere else.

Modern Convenience

The thought of holding their marriage celebrations in a barn admittedly fills many spouses-to-be with dread. The outdoors is certainly not for everybody! But if you are worried that your Washington DC barn wedding will lack creature comforts, then you can rest easy. No one at any of the barn marriage celebrations we have photographed has had to rough it. As you can probably imagine, the facilities themselves have been refurbished and modernized to ensure the comfort of a couple and their wedding guests.

Perhaps more importantly, the locations of most of the barn wedding venues in the DC metro area mean that you are never far from the conveniences of the big city. The majority of them are less than an hour’s drive from the downtown area. That means easy access to great hotels, a variety of restaurants and anything else you and your guests might need. And even better? Most barn wedding venues are northwest of the city, which just happens to be where Dulles International Airport is. So getting to and from your venue is a breeze for your out-of-town wedding guests!

Stunning Wedding Photos

The last reason why Washington DC barn weddings rock is the pictures that your photographers will deliver to you. The right wedding photographers will give you images of your wedding that are every bit as beautiful as your love story. Everybody looks fantastic at an outdoor wedding ceremony. The beauty of Mother Nature never fails to make couples glow as they exchange their vows.

The couples portraits at a barn wedding are no less spectacular. Most of those venues sit on acres of gorgeous farmland or bucolic estates. As you can imagine, those settings give you nearly limitless locations for beautiful pictures of you and your future spouse enjoying your first few moments as a married couple.

What sets barn weddings apart from other outdoor marriage celebrations, though, is the barn itself. Those wooden walls and floors that we mentioned earlier ensure that the light hitting you during your reception is always warm, soft and flattering. It is just about impossible to take a bad shot of you in that environment!

Artistic Groom Photo from DC Barn Wedding

This particular image is a great example of the kind of photo you will get if you plan a barn wedding near Washington DC. We took it at a lovely outdoor marriage celebration at Winding Creek Farm, one of the great barn wedding venues in suburban Virginia. The groom, his groomsmen and his sister had just finished getting ready in one of the venue’s smaller side barns. In celebration of his impending nuptials, they went outside and lit up cigars.

The group then spent some time swapping stories about the groom. A lot of them focused on the hijinks he and his buddies got themselves into while students at the Air Force Academy. As you can imagine, they were hilarious! In between these anecdotes, the groom and his entourage would take long pulls on the cigars and blow the smoke into the air above them. It looked effortlessly cool, and we knew that it would make for great photos. At the same time, we knew that pictures of those moments would remind the groom of the laughs he shared with those closest to him. So we waited until the groom took a drag, crouched down in the grass and got this unforgettable picture of him blowing smoke into the blue sky.

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