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Washington DC Waterfront Weddings

If you are getting married in the Washington DC metro area, it is natural that you want wedding pictures with a typically local feel. The city might be your hometown. It more than likely played a key role in your love story and path to the altar. Either way, if the Nation’s Capital is playing host to your nuptials, then your photography should show that off. As your Washington DC wedding photographers, we understand and appreciate that. So we recognize the importance of making Washington a part of your pictures and will strive to weave elements of the city into them. And in our experience, Washington DC waterfront weddings make that very easy to do.

Washington DC Waterfront Weddings by the Potomac

What is it that makes a waterfront wedding so typically “DC?” Partly history. Like many other American cities, Washington grew up around a major body of water. Oceans, lakes and rivers have played important roles in the founding and development of nearly every US metro area. Yes, water-based commerce is less important today than it used to be. But bodies of water still shape and define the character of the metro areas that surround them. Just think of how closely major American cities are associated with the waters closest to them.

Washington DC is certainly no exception to that. The Potomac River is, has been and will continue to be an integral element of the city’s character. For starters, its waters literally are one of Washington’s borders. More importantly, though, the daily life of many of the area’s residents also revolves around the river. The rowers from Georgetown University sweating through an early-morning workout. The paddleboarders enjoying the summer sun. Even the commuters crossing the Memorial or Theodore Roosevelt Bridges on their way to work. The Potomac is an inescapable part of DC life. Because Washington DC waterfront weddings embrace and celebrate that, they have almost by definition a DC look and feel.

But that is not the only reason why those marriage celebrations look and feel DC. The Potomac River is also a very recognizable part of the cityscape. One could argue that it is equally famous as other DC institutions that are known around the world. We associate it with the Nation’s Capital just as much as we do the White House, the US Capitol, the Lincoln Memorial, the Washington Monument or any of the Smithsonian museums. And that makes Washington DC waterfront weddings instantly recognizable as having taken place in the Nation’s Capital.

Venues for Washington DC Waterfront Weddings

Fortunately for you, there is no shortage of great venues near the Potomac River for Washington DC waterfront weddings. Like we said, the city really does revolve around the water in many meaningful ways. The list of great spots for engagement photos by the river is nearly endless. If you like a more rural and natural setting, you have Theodore Roosevelt Island and its paths through the woods. Turned off by too many tourists? Then Oronoco Bay Park in Alexandria offers a quieter alternative for photos amid nature. Do you prefer the hustle and bustle of the city? Georgetown Waterfront Park and the Southeast Waterfront give you views of the river from unmistakably DC locations. Want a more elegant vibe in your pictures? The Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts offers grandeur and great vistas of the Potomac from its rooftop patio.

Venues for Washington DC waterfront weddings offer you a similarly diverse range of choices. We have photographed several Washington DC waterfront weddings and have like two locations in particular. The first is Osteria Morini, an upscale restaurant in The Yards development on the Southeast Waterfront. That is a superb venue for an intimate marriage celebration followed by stunning portraits along the Anacostia Riverwalk Trail. The second is Sequoia DC, a swanky restaurant that occupies the most recognizable building in the Georgetown Waterfront complex.

Washington DC Waterfront Weddings on a Potomac River Cruise

If we have really sold you on Washington DC waterfront weddings, then why not go all in and have your celebrations literally on the river? There are numerous companies from which you can charter a boat to take a Potomac River cruise. You can then exchange your vows with the Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument and (of course) Potomac River in the background. A wedding does not get much more “DC” than that!

The couple pictured here began their waterfront wedding in exactly that way. They hopped on a cruise boat in Alexandria and headed upriver towards downtown DC. Along the way, they exchanged vows and rings in the shadow of the city’s most famous landmarks. At the end of their cruise, they disembarked at the Georgetown Waterfront and posed for some gorgeous couples portraits. Their evening then ended with dinner, drinks and toasts at Sequoia DC.

Location: Georgetown Waterfront Park, 3303 Water St NW, Washington, DC 20007.

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