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Wedding Ceremony Exit Photos

In our professional opinion, two newlyweds exiting their ceremony is one of the most underrated moments on a wedding day. And for reasons we will get into below, your wedding ceremony exit photos might just be some of the ones you treasure most in 30 years. So it definitely pays to spend a little extra time thinking about how you want to leave your wedding ceremony.

If you have not given your exit much thought, however, it is pretty understandable. It is certainly not a part of the day that many brides and grooms imagine will matter when they are planning their nuptials. After all, their exit is such a tiny little part of a marriage celebration. And it seems so unimportant compared to what immediately precedes it. The ceremony is the centerpiece of the day; the exit is just a brief transition to the next thing on the schedule.

Emotional Wedding Ceremony Exit Photos

Or is it? What ultimately makes any wedding-day moment significant is the emotions present in it. Think for a moment about what you might be feeling as you leave your wedding ceremony. Joy, obviously. Maybe a bit of relief, now that the weightiest part of the day is over. Definitely excitement, both about what you have just done and about all the fun you are about to have at the reception.

The best thing about a wedding ceremony exit, though, is how much those emotions are on display. Because the pressure is off, all that joy, relief and excitement just comes pouring out of the newlyweds. And not surprisingly, that can make the photos of you leaving your ceremony absolutely spectacular. Really emotional wedding ceremony exit photos will definitely be extra meaningful to you!

Ideas for Your Wedding Ceremony Exit

If we have sold you on the importance of your wedding ceremony exit, you might be wondering whether there is something you can do to make it more special. You know, to give it a bit more stature and weight. To make sure that all your guests are fully focused on the moment and your emotions.

The answer is that yes, there are things you can do to make your recessional stand out. Just like with your exit from your wedding reception, you can add elements that make it more of an event. Great, fun ideas for your wedding ceremony exit include having your guests blow bubbles or throw confetti as you walk back down the aisle, playing a fun song that you dance to and asking the attendees to give a coordinated cheer as you leave. All are fantastic ways to amp up the importance and significance of the moment.

Whatever you might choose as a theme for your wedding ceremony exit, just make sure that it will leave you feeling free to express your emotions. As we mentioned above, you will certainly be experiencing a lot of wonderful feelings as you leave your ceremony. And if you are relaxed and in the moment, those are going to come spilling out. So whether you opt for a more choreographed exit or just a simple walk away from the altar, be sure that you will be feeling comfortable. Getting those emotions out will lead to some really beautiful images.

Outdoor Wedding Ceremony at Vanish Brewery in Leesburg VA

The bride and groom in this photo went for a very simple exit from their wedding ceremony. And as you can see in the image, that was the perfect choice for them. They were a couple with simple tastes and did not need a lot of bells and whistles. Throughout the day, their emotions were on display without any need for prompting. So the reactions you see in this picture -- the excitement, joy and relief written all over their faces -- are simply a reflection of how much they are caught up in the moment.

The venue they chose for their nuptial celebrations was a perfect spot for their understated wedding. Vanish Brewery in Leesburg VA is a gorgeous but laid-back location. It is absolutely ideal if you are looking for a spot with understated elegance. Where you can have a lovely outdoor ceremony by a small creek and in the shadow of with understated elegance. Where you can enjoy a cold beer with your friends in celebration. And where you dance the night away in an open-air barn that lets summer breezes cool you off.


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