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If you are getting married in the Quaker City, what kind of Philadelphia wedding photographer are you looking for? Do you want someone who focuses primarily on portraiture and staged scenes? Or do you want Philadelphia wedding photographers who approach your marriage celebrations from a more photojournalistic point of view? Are you not quite sure what that term means?

Photojournalistic Philadelphia wedding photographers like us approach documenting your marriage celebrations like we are trying to report on an event. It is as though we have been sent to cover the wedding as photographic reporters, and we must document the proceedings with our cameras. The idea is for a Philadelphia wedding photographer’s photos to provide a visual narration of your wedding day. Ideally, though, the images should not just capture the important moments. They should also convey the emotional impact of the best parts of your wedding in the Quaker City. A viewer should not only see what happens when looking at the photos. They should feel it.

There are no unimportant moments on a wedding day in the City of Brotherly Love. But some scenes are more emotionally rich than others. Your first look, for example. The moment one of you see the other in their wedding attire for the first time is hard to top. The emotions on their face — joy, wonder, love — make for absolutely beautiful wedding photography.

As great as a first look can be, there is another part of a Philadelphia wedding day that is often even more emotional impactful. In our experience, there is nothing quite like the moment you and your beloved stand in front of each other, ready to tie the knot. For starters, that is the reason you and your wedding guests are there in Philly in the first place! Even if nothing else happens that day, you need to exchange your vows! Getting the two of your on film standing in front of all their family and friends is obviously of the utmost importance.

The best Philadelphia wedding photographers also love taking pictures of that scene for other reasons. One is that we never know exactly what to expect from the two people whom everyone is there to see. The way that you and your intended will react when at the altar and ready to exchange their vows varies greatly. You might cry tears of happiness. You might laugh a bit to relieve the tension. You might stand there sweating and looking vaguely queasy. You might be concentrating deeply, clearly just focused on remembering your “lines.” We could witness almost anything on the emotional rainbow, and that makes for exciting wedding photography!

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When we photographed this particular Philly wedding, we thought we had seen this scene play out in every conceivable way. This Philadelphia, PA, bride, however, gave us something unique when face-to-face with her future husband. It was something that spoke volumes about their relationship and the reasons why they were marrying in the first place.

Their road to the altar in the City of Brotherly Love had been long and winding. The couple had been together for years and had even become parents to two young boys. So by the time they said their vows at Philly’s University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, there were no surprises. As a result, the expression on the bride’s face at that moment did not reflect unrestrained joy or a bubbling-over of emotions. Instead, the look on her face was one of serene contentment. Visible in her eyes and smile was a deep satisfaction. Contentment at having made it that far in her relationship with the main she loves. Happiness at being about to pass a significant milestone. Optimism about the future and what it held for her and her soon-to-be husband. Being able to capture that moment on film and deliver it to her is a joy for us as Philadelphia wedding photographers.

Location: University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, 3260 South St, Philadelphia, PA 19104.

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