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Wedding Shoes Photo Ideas

One shot that appears on every wedding photography “must-have” list is one of the bride’s shoes. After pictures of the dress, images of the footwear are the most popular and common of the so-called “detail” shots. And understandably so! There are a lot of good reasons why your wedding photographers need to get pictures of your shoes, and we get into them below. But let’s be honest, any half-decent photographer will know to get those shots for you. So don’t worry so much about whether the people you choose will do that. Concern yourself more with HOW they are going to do it. Great detail shots require a lot more than just placing those items someplace and pressing a camera trigger. They demand creativity, vision and skill. And the best professionals have wedding shoes photo ideas that will give you images that reflect those attributes.

Why Pictures of Your Wedding Shoes Matter

As we mentioned above, there are many reasons why it is important that your wedding photo album include shots of your shoes. Here are a few that stand out to us:

The Effort You Put Into Buying Them

Your wedding is one of the biggest days of your life. Pretty nice shoes are not going to be good enough. The ones you wear need to be stunning. They need to make you look and feel your absolute best.

At the same time, the shoes you choose need to be comfortable enough for you to potentially wear for twelve or more hours. You must be able to stand in them for long stretches, walk around in them on potentially uneven surfaces and maybe even dance in them.

With these two equally important factors to consider, you are no doubt going to put a lot of work into picking the exact right ones. And that means the ones you choose are going to matter a lot to you. You are going to want to remember them and how they made you look. So your photographers are going to need to make sure to document them well for you.

The Money You Spend on Them

This is pretty obvious, right? Just like you will probably spend a lot of time shopping for your wedding shoes, it is likely that you will also spend a fair bit buying them. Even if you get a great deal, the shoes you pick are not going to be cheap. And the more you spend on something, the more important it will be for you to have a record of the role they played on your wedding day.

The Way Your Shoes Reflect Your Personality

Of course, it is not just the time and money that you put into your wedding shoes that you want to remember. The things you wear on your wedding day are more than just expensive things that you want to show off. Your dress, your veil, your jewelry and, yes, your shoes are all reflections of the kind of person that you are. Are you traditional or nonconformist? Are your tastes classic or modern? Do you have a mischievous side or are you more serious and straightlaced?

Whatever descriptors fit you best, the clothes you choose for your wedding are going to show that. And if you hire wedding photographers who specialize in telling your love story, then they need to understand that your wedding shoes are an important part of that narrative. More importantly, they need to photograph your shoes in a way that the images communicate what those details say about you.

The Best Wedding Shoes Photo Ideas

All of the above is probably not new information to you, especially if you are already well into your wedding planning. What you might be struggling with, though, is how to determine whether a particular wedding photographer’s detail shots do justice to the importance of their clients’ shoes. Our general advice to potential clients when it comes to this is to trust your gut. A photographer’s portfolio is a good indication of the kind of work they produce. So if you like what you see on a particular website, then that person is probably a good fit for you. But what if you find several that suit you and can’t decide between them? In that case, here are a few ways to decide whose wedding shoes photo ideas are best:

Look for Creativity

As we mentioned above, just putting your shoes on the floor of your bridal suite and taking a picture is not going to cut it. A picture like that is definitely NOT going to do justice to the time and money you put into your wedding shoes, nor to the way they reflect your personality. The shots of your shoes need to be something special. They need to stand out. They need to be as distinctive as the shoes themselves. So keep an eye out for images with bold angles, creative use of light, unusual perspectives or other elements that make the shoes look like the works of art that they are.

Look for Cleanliness

In striving to be creative, though, your wedding photographers should not forget the main point of detail shots. Namely, to showcase the particular item that they are photographing! All the creativity in the world is meaningless if you can barely even see the subject of the image. So as you sift through different portfolios, take note of how well the photographer highlights the detail they are capturing. Is it immediately clear what the item is? Is it obviously the main focus of the picture? Do you have a good sense of its size, shape and composition? If you like how it looks, could you go to a store and describe it to someone working there? If the answer to these is “no,” then getting similar shots on your wedding day is probably going to leave you disappointed.

Look for Context

In our opinion, the best detail shots show more than just the item. Why? Because a picture of a thing by itself rarely tells you anything about its importance. We are just supposed to infer that it is significant because there is a photographic record of it. But wouldn’t it be better if the photo both showcased the detail and told you why it matters to the person who owns it? With that in mind, look for photographers who find ways to work details into the broader story of the wedding.

Photo of Wedding Shoes from Capitol Hill Minimony

In addition to being creative and clean, this image does a particularly good job of weaving details that mattered to this bride into the overall narrative of her wedding day. (In our opinion, anyway!) She and her now husband tied the knot in a very intimate ceremony on New Year’s Eve. After sharing a lovely first kiss, they walked down the aisle of St. Joseph’s Roman Catholic Church on Capitol Hill as an officially married couple, the bride’s arm in air in celebration. Then the newlyweds doubled back to the altar for their family formal pictures. Following that, we took a few couples portraits of them in the church.

A wedding on Capitol Hill would not have been complete, however, without some portraiture by the neighborhood’s most famous landmark. And that meant a bit of walking around outside and that the bride was going to need more comfortable shoes. Changing into her casual kicks might have been the part of her day she was most looking forward to, because of the really cool and stylish “bride” shoes she had bought. (Ok, that might have been a bit of an overstatement. But she was very excited to wear those shoes!) So the bride kicked off her fancy Badgely Mischka shoes right there in the middle of the aisle. We could tell how much time and effort she had put into picking out her casual shoes, so we dropped down to the floor to get a closeup of her slipping them on.


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