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Our commitment to delivering you wedding photos that tell the story of your love is absolute. That is our guiding philosophy as Washington DC wedding photographers. It is what gets us out of bed in the morning and what keeps us excited about photographing marriage celebrations. It is the unique value that we believe we can provide to you. As such, it is something on which we will never compromise. We pledge you every ounce of our energy, skill and expertise in pursuit of images that document your special story. Why? Because we believe that the best way for you to remember your wedding day is with photography that allows you to re-experience every precious memory.

Photojournalistic Wedding Photography

We want you to relive every emotion you experience on your wedding day when you see your photo album. We want you to feel like you are present at your DC wedding venues again. Tears should well up in your eyes when you view the photos of your first look with your dad. A smile should cross your lips when you see how nervous your future spouse looks while waiting at the altar. That should become a full-on laugh when you reach the image of your maid of honor with a lampshade on her head. If this is your experience when you flip through your wedding photo album in 20 years, then we will have done our jobs as your documentary DC wedding photographers.

As you browse through our website and read about our absolute belief in the value of photojournalistic wedding photography, you undoubtedly have some questions about the specifics of it. Our documentary style is fairly easy to understand in general terms. However, you might be wondering what it means for you more specifically. Does that mean you get an album with nothing but candid, moment-based pictures? What about posed pictures with your families? What about couples portraits? Those are great questions, and ones that we get from a lot of prospective clients.

What we tell them (and you) is that no, not every photo will be in a documentary style. We will certainly pose you, your future spouse and your families for your formal portraiture. And while your couples portraits should look and feel as natural as possible, we will help you with posing. Your combined body language, developed over your years as a couple, is unique and undoubtedly beautiful. So we will preserve that as much as we can while making tweaks here and there to ensure you both look gorgeous on film. Because at the end of the day, you are not going to love any couples portrait in which you do not shine!

Even the pictures you receive from parts of your wedding day that are better suited to candid photography will not only be shots of emotionally powerful moments. While you and your future spouse are getting ready, for example, we will be sure to get images of your details. (In case you are unfamiliar with that term, it refers to things like wedding dresses, wedding rings shoes, tuxedos, cufflinks and bouquets. It also means items of personal significance that you will have with you on your wedding day. Things like a little picture of your grandfather or your favorite Star Wars socks.) In a similar vein, we will also get lovely pictures of the Washington, DC, wedding venues you choose.

Beautiful Image by Washington DC Wedding Photographer

During the course of your wedding day, we will also capture images that highlight how beautiful your wedding is. You and your future spouse are putting a lot of time, money and effort into making your marriage celebration what you have always dreamed it would be. You are understandably going to want some pictures that show that off a bit. So in addition to getting lots of photos of your reception decor, we are going to be keeping our cameras ready for moments that show how gorgeous your celebrations are. Your love you and future spouse share is beautiful. The commitment you are making to each other is beautiful. The coming-together of your two families is beautiful. We will give you photos of moments that reveal that beauty. And we will also produce images for you that show how much the physical beauty of your wedding matches the spiritual beauty of what you are there doing.

The photograph featured here is a great example of what we are talking about. We took it during the open dance floor portion of this bride’s reception. She had decided to wed her now-husband at her family’s farm in the Maryland suburbs of Washington. After a gorgeous outdoor wedding ceremony and a hilarious encounter with a curious horse during the couples portraits, the event moved into a spacious barn for speeches, dinner and dancing. That space proved to be ideal for a wedding reception. It was large enough to comfortably fit the all of the wedding guests — the dance floor was crowded but not cramped. It was open and airy, which helped temper the late autumn DC heat. Finally, its walls were a neutral color, giving the DJ they hired a perfect canvas for his multihued light show.

As the bride and her guests jumped, danced, sang and shouted, the lights painted the floor (and the dancers) with a multitude of colors and shapes. We were struck by how beautiful the whole scene looked and snapped off dozens of pictures. There did seem to be one thing missing, though. The bride was not standing out as much as we would have liked. As beautiful as what we were witnessing was, we did not want it to distract attention from the star of the show. We noticed the bride twirling her dress back and forth as she danced with one of her friends. We thought that highlighting that would bring the main focus to her without disturbing the naturalness of the scene. So we activated a light that we had set up on one corner of the dance floor. When the bride spun and whipped her dress around, we took a shot that illuminated the white of the fabric. At the same time, we kept our camera settings at a level that did not lose the patterned colors of the DJ’s lights. The resulting image was one that did justice to the beauty of the scene and of this bride’s wedding.

Location: Cedar Ridge Farm (The Linde Farm), 723 Streaker Rd, Sykesville, MD 21784.

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