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Does your dream wedding have a rustic ambience? Have you always imagined exchanging your vows on a farm with sun shining and blue skies above you? Do you love the idea of post-ceremony couples portraits in a cornfield during golden hour? Does a wedding reception in a quaint and charming barn fit your aesthetic sensibilities perfectly? Are you having trouble picturing how any of these scenarios are possible if your wedding is near one of the country’s largest urban centers? Does the concept of Washington DC farm weddings seem inconceivable to you?

What if we told you that you can have exactly the kind of marriage celebrations you are dreaming of without even leaving the metro area? Yup, that’s right! Farm weddings near DC are not only a possibility for you, they are as beautiful as rural celebrations in any other part of the world. Read on for more information about where to find the best farm wedding venues and how they can make your dreams of a rustic nuptial event come true. And how the photos of your wedding will be more gorgeous than you can imagine!

Where Can You Have Washington DC Farm Weddings?

It probably goes without saying that you can’t have a farm wedding inside the District. Yes, there are outdoor venues and even ones with a certain rustic ambience. But rolling hills, fabulous vistas of the countryside and pastoral charm? Not if you plan to get married in downtown DC!

No worries, though! Northern Virginia and suburban Maryland are teeming with lovely farms that double as wedding venues. Heading west from the city, you find great locations by the time you get to Leesburg Virginia -- only an hour from DC. The same is true to the north and east. There are beautiful farms just past Gaithersburg Maryland that also host wedding celebrations.

So what does this mean for your wedding plans? It means that you can have a rustic event that feels like you are really in the country without being too far from the comforts and convenience of the city. No matter which farm wedding venue you choose, you will be a short drive from hotels, airports and anything else you or your guests might need.

What Is Great about Having Your Wedding on a Farm near DC?

Now let’s talk about how all those farm venues in the Washington DC metro area can make your wedding magical. Because the Nation’s Capital does not just have lots of locations for farm weddings. It also offers you ones that can stand toe-to-toe with some of the best wedding venues in the world. Here are some of the reasons why Washington DC farm weddings are so popular:

Rustic Charm with Modern Elegance

Having a wedding in the country does not mean roughing it. (Though wedding venues with that kind of atmosphere definitely do exist in the DMV!) If you are concerned that you will have to sacrifice comfort to have a rural wedding, you need worry no longer. The farms that host weddings in the broader metro area are hardly shacks with no electricity. All of them have been outfitted to ensure that the guests they host lack nothing in terms of creature comforts. In fact, some farms in the Washington DC metro rival the swankiest downtown wedding venues when it comes to elegance. So you get the best of both worlds: the charms of the country and the luxury of the modern world.

A Variety of Thematic Options to Choose From

Worried that your DC farm wedding will not stand out from similar events that other couples have? Concerned that all marriage celebrations on farms look and feel the same? Well, not in the Washington DC metro area they don’t! The farm wedding venues near the Nation’s Capital offer you a wide range of choices when it comes to the specific theme you want. Does your dream wedding include couples portraits in fields of sunflowers? There are venues with those! Do you love horses and want to have pictures of you interacting with one? The DC metro area can offer you that! What if you want something really offbeat like a brewery wedding on a farm? You can even get that! Whatever your specific vision for your farm wedding, you can be pretty sure you are going to find it near DC.

Some of the Best Wines Around

One particular theme for farm weddings in Washington DC is so noteworthy that it merits special mention. Namely, vineyard marriage celebrations! If you like the idea of having your wedding on a farm that produces wine, then you are in luck. Northern Virginia and suburban Maryland are home to dozens of wineries that host weddings. And we can tell you from experience that the vineyard wedding venues in the metro area are absolutely gorgeous. The couples portraits you get at them are the stuff of dreams. The sun brightening the golds and greens of the rows of vines makes for some of the most stunning backdrops imaginable. And of course, let’s not forget the best part of having a winery wedding: the quality wines you and your guests can use to toast your exchange of vows!

Beautiful Wedding Photography

The best part of having your wedding on a farm? The photos of your marriage celebrations are going to make your friends die of envy! (As always, we make no claim to impartiality when it comes to the importance of wedding photography!) Images of every part of your nuptial event will have a little something special that you cannot get at other venues. And that something is the beauty that only Mother Nature can offer. Whether it is photos of your ceremony in front of a stunning vista, portraits of you and your new spouse cuddling under a tree or pictures of your first dance imbued with the warmth you only get from the wood walls of a barn, images of farm weddings are like no other.

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