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Weddings in Baltimore

Our main focus as Washington, DC, wedding photographers is taking pictures of the moments that make your wedding special. We want you, your beloved and your guests to look at the wedding pictures years later and experience everything anew. For this reason, we often look to get candid shots of any kids who attend your marriage celebrations. That might seem like an odd approach. But like any method of documenting your nuptials, there is a good reason for it.

For starters, they are usually adorable and make for very cute subjects! Photos of them doing something sweet are almost certain to touch your heart when you see them. This little gentleman, for example, could not look any more lovable as he reacts to the choir singing. An image like this is sure to brighten up any wedding album.

More importantly, however, focusing on the children who are at your wedding helps us tell the story of your day better. How, you might ask? Well, kids generally have no filter. Whatever they are feeling at a particular time is written pretty plainly on their faces. They simply cannot hide their emotions. Therefore, their reactions often reflect and accentuate the emotions the rest of the wedding guests are experiencing. Pictures of them reacting to something during your marriage celebration is a great way to highlight the emotional tenor of the moment. That was not the case in the scene depicted this particular photograph, of course. The wedding guests enjoyed the choir’s voices much more than the little boy did. The point is still valid, though.

We took this particular shot at a wedding just outside of Baltimore, Maryland. In addition to being DC wedding photographers, we have also photographed many marriage celebrations in the Charm City. The broader Washington, DC, metro area includes much of Maryland, and we have photographed dozens of Baltimore weddings.

If you are having your wedding in or around Baltimore, you have picked a fantastic location for your nuptials. Finding a venue with a local vibe could not be easier. From the Inner Harbor to Cylburn Arboretum, there are lots of great spots for a Baltimore wedding ceremony or reception. Options for the getting-ready portion of your day are similarly great. The Quintessential Gentleman (or QG) is a cool Baltimore institution at which grooms and groomsmen can get a shave before the nuptials. We have had the pleasure of photographing two grooms getting ready there and cannot wait for the next opportunity.

There are also great venues for a Baltimore wedding outside of the downtown area. For example, the entirety of the Baltimore wedding featured in this image took place in the suburban area between Baltimore and Washington. The bride got into her wedding dress and the groom put on his tuxedo at the Hilton Baltimore BWI Airport. From there, their entire Baltimore wedding made their way southwest to St. Mary of the Mills Catholic Church. That house of worship is situated on the Patuxent River in Laurel, Maryland — almost exactly halfway between Baltimore and Washington. As a venue for DC wedding photography, St. Mary of the Mills Catholic Church offers something other churches do not. The lighting inside is bright and even, allowing you to look your best in your matrimonial photos. DC wedding photographers like us always want our fiancés and newlyweds to love how they look on film. So a wedding venue that makes our jobs easier is always welcome!

One of the other nice things about this Washington, DC, area wedding location is its flexibility. The bride at this Baltimore wedding ceremony was of Beninese origin. Her husband-to-be had immigrated to the Washington, DC, area from Nigeria. Though the future newlyweds shared a common faith, they wanted a Baltimore wedding with elements from each cultural tradition. St. Mary of the Mills Church was happy to accommodate their request. For example, the priests conducted their Baltimore wedding ceremony in both English and French. They also allowed the bride to bring a French-singing choir whose music punctuated the high points of the afternoon.

As you can see in this image, the choir’s presence led to some memorable DC wedding photography. While photographing this Baltimore wedding ceremony, we got some great shots of the singers hitting high notes in the song. The best image of the day, however, was this picture of a young wedding guest sitting near the singers. We are not exactly sure why he was seated there, but his reactions to the music were priceless. The expression on the boy’s face went from interested to pained to exasperated to bored. When we captured this bit of DC wedding photography, he looked ready for the whole thing to be over. As we mentioned earlier, his reaction did not really reflect how the other guests felt. But it did make for some photos the bride and groom loved!

Location: St Mary of the Mills Church, 114 St Marys Pl, Laurel, MD 20707.

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