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Baltimore Wedding Photographer

When we are taking pictures of you on your wedding day, we are always going to be striving to get shots of you lost in your emotions. Our goal is not just to deliver you great photographs. The mission of our wedding photography is to tell the story of your love with the pictures we take. The album of your matrimonial photos should take you and your future spouse on a journey through the day you got married. The images of your nuptials should allow you to relive the joy, excitement and love you felt. When you re-experience those feelings, then we have done our jobs as your wedding photographers.

Baltimore Wedding Photographers

This image is a perfect example of the type of photo that these Baltimore photographers love to be able deliver to you. It is the kind of wedding picture that visually, beautifully and effectively communicates the emotions of the moment. It gives a great sense of what it was like to be in that church at that particular moment. You cannot hear the music playing, but it is clear what the bride and groom are doing. The newlyweds are obviously dancing to celebrate their recent exchange of vows. Having captured that moment makes us proud to be Baltimore wedding photographers.

The wedding venue pictured here is St. Mary of the Mills Church just outside of Baltimore.

It is a Catholic church that serves the Charm City’s diverse and international community. As such, it was a perfect place for this couple to tie the knot in. The groom in this photograph was originally from Nigeria. His wife’s family hailed from Benin, a neighboring West African country. As we have mentioned elsewhere on this wedding photography website, their different backgrounds gave their nuptials a distinct character. Their Baltimore wedding ceremony featured traditions from both of their cultures. And St. Mary of the Mills Church was happy to accommodate their need for a unique marital event. The Maryland wedding venue conducted the ceremony in both English and French for the benefit of all the wedding guests. As such, one of the highlights of the afternoon was the choir, which sang religious matrimonial songs in French.

Though the groom was not a native French speaker, he loved that choral music was a part of his marriage celebration. After he and his bride exchanged rings, they briefly left the main part of the church. They then reentered the nave to a celebratory song sung by the choir. The newlyweds shimmied and swayed down the aisle, pausing briefly to accept congratulations from wedding guests as they passed. Naturally, these Baltimore photographers followed them on the entire trip, taking pictures of the happy couple.

Even after they reached their seats in the front row, they continued to dance in celebration of their Baltimore nuptials. As they savored the moment, their Maryland wedding photographers crouched in front of them and snapped off a bunch of pictures. Though we were just a few feet from the newly-married couple, we do not think that they were aware of our presence. They were so caught up in feeling happy to be married that the rest of the world just fell away. This picture makes that absolutely clear, which is why we love it so much. The looks on the faces of this Baltimore bride and groom show how happy they felt at that moment. They had just tied the knot and were getting to let loose and celebrate a bit. And this photo preserves that feeling forever. Which means they can go back and relive it every time they look at the image!

Location: St Mary of the Mills Church, 114 St Marys Pl, Laurel, MD 20707.

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