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Baltimore Wedding Photographers

Working as wedding photographers in the greater Washington, DC, metropolitan area means that Baltimore and its suburbs are also part of the zone in which we regularly photograph engagements and weddings. Fiancés and future spouses from the Charm City frequently hire us to document their marriage celebrations photographically, and we have come to appreciate the high quality of many of Baltimore’s wedding venues. There are a lot of great places for brides and grooms to celebrate their marriage events and an even greater number of beautiful spots in which to take pictures of them!

Of all of those great locations for photo shoots, though, our favorite one in which to take couples portraits in Baltimore is, without question, the city’s famous Inner Harbor. Every bride and groom who have tied the knot in the Charm City and who have asked us to take pictures of their nuptials have requested pictures of themselves together in the part of the city that curls around a bend in the Patapsco River. One couple even had their wedding ceremony itself on the promenade that runs along the edge of the river.

That the Inner Harbor is popular among brides and grooms from Baltimore is not a big surprise, in our professional opinion! The waterfront area is full of beautiful spots in which newly married couples can enjoy their first hours of matrimony while they have breathtaking pictures taken of them. Whether the bride and groom are posed near Baltimore’s world-famous National Aquarium or just steps from the water on the part of the promenade that runs through West Shore Park or in front of the Maryland Science Center or across the harbor and high above the city on Federal Hill, the portraits that we create for them on their wedding day never fail to look fantastic.

The best part about taking wedding pictures in the Inner Harbor area, though, is the fact that we do not even need many of these notable locations to be able to produce unforgettable couples portraits. There is so much going on in the Inner Harbor on a beautiful summer or fall afternoon, from families walking around enjoying ice cream to street performers plying their craft, that the entire area is alive with energy and vibrancy. There are a million visually interesting stories playing out in the Inner Harbor at any given time, which makes it very easy to find creative settings for the couples portraits that we take.

Creativity was definitely in the air when we took the picture featured here! We were walking with these newlyweds near the USS Constellation, the last sail-only ship built by the U.S. Navy, when we found a large tube that was part of an ongoing construction project. We could not resist the chance to try some fun and different portraiture and asked the new husband and wife to climb in. To their credit, they were great sports and agreed immediately. We love the resulting images, because the tube creates a sense of intimacy and privacy that is perfect for presenting two people who are in love visually and photographically.

Location: Inner Harbor, Baltimore, MD .

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