Best Hamburg Wedding and Engagement Photographers
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Best Hamburg Wedding and Engagement Photographers

Sometimes the littlest details are what turn a good wedding or engagement photograph into a magical, unforgettable, stunning image that two newlyweds will want to print, frame and put on their mantel for the next 50 years. Having taken pictures at dozens of weddings in Washington, DC, and Northern Germany over the past few years, we have learned from experience that getting the small things right can yield to fantastic results in the final images. The details themselves depend on the future spouses, of course, and how they interact with each other and how the venue for the shoot complements them. They can include the way the happy couple is smiling or the way they are embracing one another after having exchanged their wedding vows or the way the groom gently caresses his bride’s face or the way the sky lights up with just the right colors as the sun sets behind the new husband and wife. Whatever the specific elements, when all these details come together in the right fashion, the payoff can be incredible.

The photograph featured here is a great example of the kind of images that we can produce when everything lines up perfectly. We captured this particular image at the end of the couples portraits portion of this bride and groom’s wedding day. After they exchanged their marriage vows at the Rathaus Altona (Altona City Hall) in Hamburg, Germany, and had their family formal pictures taken by the Elbe River at Dockland, they took us to the venue for their wedding reception. They celebrated their marriage at Witthüs, an adorable old house and restaurant that looks like it came straight out of a fairytale. It was a beautiful spot for their reception, but the best part of Witthüs (from the perspective of getting timeless wedding photos) was the fact that it is located next to the Hirschpark, a huge and lovely green space set in the middle of Hamburg.

We spent the next two hours wandering around the park and taking pictures of the happy newlyweds embracing amid the leafy trees, reflected in the still ponds and looking out over the Elbe from a scenic overlook. After we photographed the new husband and wife enjoying their first few hours of married life in seemingly every nook and cranny in the Hirschpark, we came back to Witthüs so they could get ready for their wedding reception dinner.

Just before the bride and groom went inside, though, we asked them for one last series of portraits in the flower garden near the front door. We positioned them on one side of a particularly beautiful bed of pink and purple flowers and came around to the other side so that we could get the blooms in the foreground of the pictures.

In our professional opinion as wedding photographers, everything about the photos we took just clicks. We love the way the groom is smiling lovingly at his new wife; the way that the bride is grinning from ear to ear; the way that the deep pinks of the flowers fit perfectly with the lighter pink of the groom’s tie, the dark blue of his suit and the green of the surrounding trees and bushes; and the way the background is blurred and hazy. The entire composition of the photograph serves to draw attention to the newlyweds and to make them look beautiful, which means that we have succeeded as their wedding photographers!

Location: Hirsch Park, Elbchaussee, 22587 Hamburg, Germany.