Best Virginia Wedding Photographer, Khimaira Farm Luray
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Best Virginia Wedding Photographer, Khimaira Farm Luray

Sometimes it is the smallest gestures that turn a good wedding photograph into an unforgettable couples portrait. Posing newlyweds for pictures is a delicate art. DC wedding photographers must ensure that the couple looks great, of course. The way they stand and hold one another should be as natural and flattering as possible. But that is not enough for an epic wedding portrait. A Washington, DC, wedding photographer also needs to pose them such that the connection between them is highlighted.

This photo is a great example of the difference a small tweak can make. It is clearly a beautiful image of a bride and groom on their wedding day. Everything about it just works. The moment captured in the image is obviously very sweet and tender. The looks on both of the newlyweds’ faces clearly communicate how much they love one another. The lighting is beautiful. The rich colors of the Virginia forest add an attractive backdrop that takes no attention from the photo’s main subjects. That was thanks to this couple’s beautiful wedding venue. The bride and groom exchanged their vows in a lovely outdoor ceremony at Khimaira Farm. That wedding venue is located in the rural areas just outside Washington, DC, and has beautiful wooded areas. There were a multitude of spots that were perfect for portraiture in nature.

One thing in the picture really makes it special, though. That is the way that the bride is holding the side of her new husband’s face. There are several reasons why this gesture is so meaningful. First, its gentleness helps communicate additional tenderness and love beyond that which is evident on their faces. Her hand is touching his face very lightly, indicating non-verbally that she sees her groom as precious and valuable. Second, the positioning of her hand brings another dimension to the connection between them. It takes the look between them and adds a physical component to it. Finally, the gesture adds a nice dose of dynamism to the picture. By having her hand on his face like that, she appears to be pulling him in for a kiss. When you look at this photo, you can imagine that the next few images of them had their lips together.

Pictures like this illustrate what a good DC wedding photographer can achieve by tweaking posing. When you are looking for someone to capture your marriage celebration on film, this is a very important consideration. A Washington, DC, wedding photographer should not just understand how to put you and your fiancé(e) in a flattering light. They should also get how the two of you fit together physically. More importantly, they should know how to pose you in ways that highlight the connection that bringing you to the altar.

The importance of learning our wedding clients’ shared body language cannot be overstated. It is one reason why we like doing engagement shoots with future brides and grooms before their nuptials. Those sessions give us a couple of hours with them in front of the camera. We get to see how they express their affection for one another non-verbally. We also get a sense of whether they want us to help them with posing suggestions. Or whether they prefer to find their own best body language and rely on us only to make tweaks. After an engagement session, we know the best ways to make them look fantastic in their wedding-day couples portraits. We are then ready to make every image of them one that they will want to print out and frame. The sort of picture that will grace their mantel for the next fifty years of their married life.

Location: Khimaira Farm, 2974 Stonyman Rd, Luray, VA 22835.