Church Wedding in Washington, DC
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Church Wedding in Washington, DC

Approaching wedding photography from a photojournalistic and candid perspective (as we do) means that the main goal for every matrimony (whether in Washington, DC or farther afield) is capturing images of the emotions that newlyweds, their families and their friends experience on the day the couple ties the knot. We strive to give our brides and grooms a visual means of reliving everything they felt as they got ready, as they said their marriage vows and as they partied the night away at the reception. We want them to see our photos of their wedding and to feel the same amazed joy they felt during the first look, the same teary happiness they felt when hugging their parents and the same relieved abandon they felt when cutting loose on the dance floor during the reception.

One of the most underrated emotions to get on film, however, is the nervous anticipation that permeates a wedding’s atmosphere on days when two people tie the knot. Especially when the future newlyweds are getting ready! As the marriage ceremony draws closer, the nervous excitement in the air makes the bride, the groom, the bridesmaids and groomsmen, the parents and even sometimes the flower girls talk a little faster, laugh a little louder and fidget a little more. No one can wait for the moment of truth to hurry up and arrive!

Catholic wedding ceremony in Georgetown

In our professional opinion, this energy makes for some great images! It gives the photos of the wedding day great dynamism and a wonderful sense of motion. This image, which we captured at the Holy Trinity Church in Georgetown, is a great example of how this can work. As everyone was waiting around for the bride to arrive in an ornate horse-drawn carriage, the groom and the wedding party were nervously pacing around the church’s back garden, trading jokes and trying to keep things loose. As this was going on, the best man tried to distract himself by taking the rings out of their box and playing with them. Getting a snapshot of this brief moment not only made for a great picture, it also helped us tell the bride and groom the story of their marriage celebration in a more compelling way. The groom now remembers (and his wife can now imagine) what it was like to be there in that garden waiting for his future bride.

The other thing we love about this photo is seeing the best man’s cummerbund in the background. That always reminds us of how beautiful and elegant this wedding was. Especially the reception, which was held in DC’s luxuriously swanky Metropolitan Club. A Washington institution since 1863, the club is just a stone’s throw from the White House and has hosted nearly every U.S. president since Abraham Lincoln. Its building occupies spots on both the National Register of Historic Places and the list of DC historic landmarks. With such a distinguished pedigree, it is hardly a surprise that the club’s interior drips with luxury and sumptuousness. The classic design, with velvet cushion covers on the chairs and dark wood everywhere, gave this couple’s reception a refined and stately feel. Brides and grooms looking for add a touch of opulence to their 2018 weddings should definitely give consideration to the Metropolitan Club!

Location: Holy Trinity Catholic Church, 3513 N St NW, Washington, DC 20007.

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