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Any Washington, DC, wedding photographer will tell you that some of the most gorgeous pictures of your wedding day will come from your first dance as newlyweds. This image of a bride and groom dancing at St. Francis Hall in Northeast DC is certainly evidence of that! It is an image that communicates so much of the joy that you will feel during that part of your wedding day. The photograph shows the connection that draws two people to the altar in the first place. And that makes it the kind of image that couples like you and your beloved will treasure forever.

There are a lot of elements of a couple’s first dance as spouses that make for beautiful DC wedding photography. For starters, it is a part of a wedding day that combines both predictability and genuine emotions. As photojournalistic DC wedding photographers, we create images that take you on an emotional journey through your wedding day. That means that we focus on taking pictures of unscripted moments, as opposed to photographing staged set pieces. Knowing exactly where you and your future spouse are going to be ahead of time is a huge help for us. We can map out the shots we want, arrange the right lighting and be ready to capture moments on film. At the same time, the resulting images of the newlyweds dancing never seem staged. Though the first dance is technically not a spontaneous moment, the emotions you and your intended feel are very real. So the pictures of that part of your Washington wedding day will still be photojournalistic, while looking genuine and beautiful at the same time.

Another reason why you will love pictures of first dances so much is the type of emotion displayed. You will undoubtedly experience a broad range of feelings on the day you tie the knot with your beloved. Nervousness obviously plays a big role during the getting-ready portions, as does a bit of impatience. Surprised joy shows on people’s faces during the first look. You might also experience moments of sadness if you are reminded of loved ones who could not be present. We might photograph you or your beloved looking relieved after having finished exchanging rings and having shared a first kiss. But the emotion we see most often during the first dance is happiness. The hard part of a DC wedding day is over. Rings are on their fingers, and you are married. Now you can just enjoy being in each other’s arms and look forward to a rollicking Washington wedding reception.

The way that couples show that happiness obviously varies greatly. Sometimes it comes out in the slight smile on one’s face when the other whispers something in their ear. At other weddings, it is evident in the tear the one sheds as they hold their now-spouse close. And occasionally, the newlyweds’ joy is so obvious that no one at their Washington, DC, wedding reception could miss it. As was the case with this bride and groom.

We love photographing those moments of happiness in whatever way they manifest themselves on a wedding day. But when newlyweds get as excited as these two did, it certainly makes our jobs as DC wedding photographers easier! The more evident the emotions, the more impactful the photos of a first dance are going to look, obviously. Similarly, pictures of that part of a Washington wedding will be more dynamic if the couple does a choreographed dance. Which is what this DC bride and groom did. Eschewing the traditional twirling around the room in favor of something quirkier can inject a lot of fun into a wedding reception! Not to mention that it can make for some lovely photographs!

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Location: St Francis Hall, 1340 Quincy St NE, Washington, DC 20017.

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