Destination Wedding in northern Germany
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Destination Wedding in northern Germany

One of the highest compliments we have ever received from our wedding clients is when they have told us that we appear to never stop taking pictures. It means a lot for us to hear this for a couple of reasons. First, we want you to feel you are getting your money’s worth from us. Wedding photography is not an insignificant expense. If you hire us as your DC wedding photographers, you want to feel that you get unforgettable images in exchange for what you spend. So you want us documenting your day and not just sitting around. That is one reason we make sure that we are working for you throughout your marriage celebrations. We never want you to feel that you are getting less than you paid for.

The second reason why it is gratifying to hear clients talk about how hard we work is that that approach is integral to our style of photography. We are documentary DC wedding photographers, meaning we capture significant, unposed moments from your marriage celebrations. We want to give you a photo of every emotional scene that matters on your wedding day. Because those can happen at any instant, we need to be ready to take pictures at all times. So no matter what is going on at your wedding, we will have our cameras out and be firing away.

We will be doing that even during parts of your marriage celebrations that are relatively more scripted. When your Washington, DC, wedding photographer takes pictures of you and your families, for example, they are primarily getting shots of all of you standing together and looking at the camera. While we are doing that, however, we will continue to produce photojournalistic photos. We will still be looking for opportunities to get significant moments on film. That means that we will not be resting while each new grouping gets into position. We will be tracking the scenes that are playing out in the margins. If your mother takes a moment to fix your clothes, we will get that on film. If your brother comes up and gives you a hug, we will take pictures of that. If your best friend gives you a quick sip of a drink, we will preserve that moment forever for you.

Keeping an eye open for emotionally impactful scenes during the family formals almost always pays off with unforgettable images. Because all of your family and close friends are hovering around you and your intended at that time, moments that make for great images are almost certain to happen. The picture posted here shows a perfect example of what we can give you by focusing on what is happening between posed shots. We took it during the family formals portion of a destination wedding outside of Hannover, Germany. The bride had just arrived at her venue (Rittergut Remeringhausen) and was posing for a few portraits with her immediate family. In between a couple of the shots, her younger sister helped her keep her veil from blowing uncontrollably in the wind. While that was happening, their mother, tickled by the scene, burst into laughter. Because we had our cameras ready and waiting for exactly this kind of moment, we were able to preserve it on film forever. The result was an image that any Washington, DC, wedding photographer would be proud to deliver to their clients.

Location: Rittergut Remeringhausen, Heuerßer Str. 25, 31655 Stadthagen, Germany.

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