Greek Orthodox Wedding in Washington DC
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Greek Orthodox Wedding in Washington DC

As we have written elsewhere on this website, children can play such a vital role in the celebration of two people pledging to spend the rest of their lives together. Obviously, kids — be they the younger siblings, nieces and nephews, or sons and daughters of the bride and groom — very often perform important tasks during the wedding ceremony. Usually that means carrying the rings to the altar for the groom or strewing flower petals in the aisle before the bride makes her way to her future spouse. Having them do those small but crucial jobs is a great way to include very important members of each family in the marriage celebration and to make them feel part of the whole event.

But having children be a part of a wedding also adds a lovely new emotional component to the day — one that can either complement or counteract the prevailing feel in lovely and interesting ways. Because they often lack any filter, kids frequently just say and do whatever occurs to them at a particular moment. And that can be a great way of inadvertently lightening or redirecting the mood. When a groom has finished getting into his tuxedo and feels a little nervous waiting to leave for the ceremony, for example, his little brother, nephew or son will often say or do something silly that gets the room laughing, thereby cutting the tension. Sometimes a flower girl will turn tears to smiles by interrupting an emotional hug between the bride and her bridesmaids and demanding to be let in on the embrace. We love it when this happens, because these kinds of scenes invariably make for unforgettable wedding photography!

That’s why we appreciated that the nuptials featured in this particular image really went all-in on having children be a part of the wedding celebrations. The bride had two nieces and one young female cousin, so rather than picking one and disappointing the others, the bride-to-be decided to make all of them flower girls. If one flower girl is good, then surely three must be three times better! From a photographic point of view, we have to agree. This picture of a gaggle of young kids making their way back down the aisle after the exchanging of the vows never fails to warm our hearts. We especially love the look of wide-eyed wonder on the face of the smallest flower girl.

The girls (along with a young ring bearer who was also the bride’s cousin) had blanketed the aisle with flowers during a lovely and traditional marriage ceremony at the St. Katherine Greek Orthodox Church located just outside of Washington, DC, in Falls Church, Virginia. The bride and groom had gotten ready at the swanky Westin Georgetown in Washington’s ritzy West End and had then made the short trip over the Potomac River to the wedding venue. After they said, “I do,” we took them back to Washington, DC, where we walked through the West End and the equally elegant Georgetown neighborhood taking couples portraits of the newlyweds. Our photo tour ended back at the Westin Georgetown, where the new husband and wife ended the day with a roaring wedding reception.

Location: Saint Katherine Greek Orthodox Church, 3149 Glen Carlyn Rd, Falls Church, VA 22041.