Hannover Destination Wedding
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Hannover Destination Wedding

It is imperative that every Washington, DC, wedding photographer continue to grow and develop their craft. There is no such thing as being “good enough” at wedding photography. Doing justice to each DC couple’s love story requires a complete mastery of the art form. The best DC marriage photographers bring an entire arsenal of knowledge and techniques to the work that they do. They can make their cameras, the lighting and the photo compositions do whatever they want them to. They can harness those elements in just the right ways to create what is necessary for an unforgettable image. Enough of those memorable photos results in a beautiful narration of a DC wedding day.

Full mastery of photographing weddings in Washington, DC, also opens the door for increased creative expression. Once DC wedding photographers can make their cameras do anything they want, the shutterbugs can start exploring new ideas. They can break some of photography’s rules and take risks with their compositions. The best of the Washington, DC, wedding photographers can also start experimenting with new tools and techniques. For example, we frequently employ a prism when when taking portraits of DC-based fiancés and newlyweds. By holding that glass device near our lenses, we can add surreal reflections to the images we capture. This is a great way of isolating the couple within the frame while adding visually fascinating patterns to the photo.

Creative Wedding Portraits

Among our favorite tools that we use when photographing weddings, though, are MagMod’s suite of flash diffusers and light modifiers. For those outside the wedding photography world, those are attachments that allow us to change the artificial lights we use. The MagSphere, for instance, is a rubber dome that attaches to a flash and diffuses the light produced. This makes flash photography at a marriage celebration softer and more flattering. For that reason, it is ideal for use in taking portraits of Washington, DC, area newlyweds. Another resource for getting lovely portraiture is the MagGrid attachment. This focuses the light coming out of the flash, creating a “spotlight” effect. The MagGrid is exceptional when we want to illuminate newlyweds against a dark background without having any light spilling over.

MagMod also produces a variety of “gels” that change the color of the light a flash produces. The official name for these pieces of equipment is a bit misleading, because they are made of plastic. In earlier times, however, DC wedding photographers would actually slap colored gel on their lighting equipment to alter the hues. The modern incarnations of these tools are a must-have for any Washington, DC, wedding photographer. They allow the wedding professional to push the bounds of creativity and create beautiful compositions in every color of the rainbow.

This particular photo illustrated one of our favorite ways to use MagMod’s gels in couples portraits. We attached a magenta gel to our flash and set it up behind the newly-married husband and wife. Actually, if we are being factually correct, one of us crouched behind the newlyweds holding the lighting! We aimed the flash at the blank white wall behind the bride and groom. We then set our camera exposure to a very dark level to ensure that the couple would be silhouetted. To get a little more definition in that silhouette, we asked the groom to gently pull part of the bride’s veil between them. After a couple of shots, we realized that the images needed more emotional depth. It can be challenging to add this when the couple’s faces cannot be seen. So we looked for ways to change their profiles. The best way to do this was to have them make each other laugh. That achieved the effect we were looking for and resulted in a fantastic photo.

Location: Hotel Hennies, Hannoversche Str. 40, 30916 Isernhagen, Germany.

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