Indian Wedding in Baltimore
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Indian Wedding in Baltimore

We have often found, in our work as wedding photographers in the Washington, DC metropolitan area, that taking pictures of the grooms as they get ready is amongst the most enjoyable parts of the job. The atmosphere is almost always fun and festive. The groom-to-be usually spends that period of his wedding day in the company of the men who know him best in the world: his groomsmen. The close relationship that he has with his groomsmen — typically his siblings, cousins or close friends from high school or university — leads to an easy camaraderie that looks great when captured on film.

The men who have come to support the groom as he takes a significant step in his life and becomes a husband often play a critical role in the pre-ceremony portion of a wedding day. As we have discussed elsewhere on this site, the groomsmen help keep their friend/relative from getting too stressed out as he prepares to tie the knot with his wife-to-be. Whether by cracking a joke, pouring a shot of bourbon or giving the groom a friendly clap on the back, a good groomsman always knows how to cut the tension and lighten the mood a bit.

In the buildup to many marriage celebrations, the groomsmen also help the groom get dressed. Obviously, the process of getting a groom-to-be into his wedding tuxedo is not nearly as arduous as the efforts often required to get a bride into her wedding dress, but many grooms do appreciate it when their best man or another groomsman gives a little assist. Sometimes this can be as simple as helping the future groom straighten his tie. Other times, a groomsman might help the groom put on his jacket and smooth out any wrinkles in the fabric. They are small gestures, to be sure, but the affection with which they are performed almost always looks beautiful and meaningful when captured on film.

This particular groom-to-be had a bit of well-timed help from his groomsmen as he got ready for his nuptials at the luxurious Baltimore Waterfront Hotel, a fantastic wedding venue overlooking Baltimore’s famous Inner Harbor. As one of his friends was putting the finishing touches on adjusting the collar of his wedding kurta — the garment traditionally worn by men in Hindu marriage celebrations — the groom had a look at himself in the mirror. We were crouching behind the two men and took a picture of the moment as it unfolded.

What we especially like about the image featured here is the expression on the future groom’s face. Thanks to the assistance of his groomsmen, his wedding attire looks perfect, and he is ready to make the journey to meet his future wife. As an aside, this groom traveled to their outdoor marriage ceremony by taking boat cruise through the Inner Harbor, which made for some understandably fantastic pictures. Buoyed by the help of his friends and relatives, this groom obviously feels confident about his appearance. That is why the look on his face as he sees himself in the mirror says, “Yeah, I do look good. I am ready for this.”

Location: Baltimore Marriott Waterfront Hotel, 700 Aliceanna St, Baltimore, MD 21202.