Indian Wedding Photographers in Washington DC
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Indian Wedding Photographers in Washington DC

As you can imagine, we frequently meet with future spouses planning their weddings in the Washington, DC, area. Our wedding and engagement photography services are the main topic of conversation with these brides and grooms, of course. But as these fiancés discuss their photo coverage needs, we also hear a lot about their plans for their wedding day. They tell us about which Washington area location they have picked. The brides also talk about which makeup artist they will use and where they bought their wedding dress.

In many cases, their plans for their marriage celebrations are not fully formed. These Washington, DC-based brides and grooms will often ask us for our opinion about some element in particular. One question that comes up a lot is whether spouses-to-be should do a first look before the wedding ceremony. Our answer is always yes, provided that the schedule of the day allows for it. The first time a groom or bride sees his/her bride in a wedding dress is always a lovely moment. It is a source of some of the most genuine and beautiful emotions that we are able to capture on film. Photographs of a first look are frequently among those our brides and grooms value the most when they look back through them years later.

The first look

We recommend that spouses-to-be do a first look for another reason as well. As wedding photographers serving the Nation’s Capital, we have seen and photographed a lot of couples tying the knot. We have also become very familiar with the ebb and flow of a wedding day. Unfortunately, a bride’s or a groom’s time on the day of their marriage is not entirely their own. There are so many details to attend to and friends/relatives to greet. The two people getting married often have very few chances to enjoy one another’s company. They are usually alone during the first look, however. That makes it a great addition to a wedding day. The first look is a few minutes for future brides and grooms to be by themselves. They can take a deep breath and relax. They can also whisper a few words of love and encouragement to their beloved before heading to the altar together.

We took this picture of a lovely couple enjoying their first look before their traditional Indian matrimonial ceremony. Their wedding was at the William F. Bolger Center in suburban Washington, DC. After the groom finished getting ready, he went out to the wedding venue’s expansive lawn and waited for his bride under a shady tree. His bride came out a few minutes later, dressed in a vibrant red Indian wedding sari. She crept up behind him. Her groom could hear her and his anticipation was growing with every step. The bride-to-be tapped him on the shoulder. He turned around, saw her for the first time and gaped in delight at how beautiful she looked. They smiled at each other and embraced. And we captured that moment on film and created a memory that will last forever.

Location: William F. Bolger Center, 9600 Newbridge Dr, Potomac, MD 20854.