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When you research wedding photographers for your Washington, DC, wedding, pay particular attention to the choices they make regarding presenting their work in color or black and white. One of the biggest differences of opinion in the wedding photography community is over this stylistic choice. Some clearly prefer the former. They believe the brilliant colors of the world helps make images your nuptials as beautiful as the love you are celebrating. Other DC wedding and engagement photographers insist on black-and-white pictures. They feel that those photographs are better for conveying the drama and the emotions that will be important parts of your wedding day.

As with any question about style, there is no right answer that applies to everyone. All that matters is what is right for you and your intended. It is important that you find a Washington, DC, wedding photographer whose choices regarding color closely mirror your own sensibilities. If you like the way the photos in their portfolio look and feel, you will almost certainly like the look of the wedding photos they take for you.

Because we want each one of our pictures to tell a particular story from a piece of your wedding day, we prefer to let each moment dictate our choices on this stylistic tissue. When the colors truly add something to the overall effect of an image, we will render it in a way that highlights that. In some cases, the colors of a scene make the resulting picture more beautiful. For example, if the green of the grass at an outdoor wedding contrasts perfectly with the white of a wedding dress, it makes sense to show that. In other instances, bright or bold colors can be an integral part of the story of a moment. If a groom and his groomsmen have matching colorful ties or pocket squares, then we want to make sure that the photographs show that.

When the emotions of a moment are more important to telling the story than the colors, however, we will often convert a picture to black and white. Color can be distracting to the eye at times, so eliminating it can often allow an image to tell its story in a simpler and more direct fashion. The pictures then highlight the drama or emotional impact of a particular moment much more starkly.

The photograph featured here is a great example of a picture that looks beautiful in black and white. The story being told in this image is a pair of newlyweds sharing their first dance as husband and wife. Nothing and nobody else matters at that particular moment. Not a single one of the wedding guests exists in the newly-married couple’s world. We wanted to highlight that, so that is why we took this photo using a very tight focal length. We also wanted to eliminate all distracting elements and keep the focus where it belongs: on the newlyweds’ faces and the emotions that are written quite clearly on them. With that in mind, we chose to render the picture in black and white so that we could reduce the distractions and draw the eye to the most important part of the composition.

We took this image at Turf Valley Resort & Spa, a lovely and luxurious wedding venue located near the border between the Washington, DC, metro area and the Baltimore metropolitan area. Though this picture was captured inside the resort’s swanky ballroom, the wedding ceremony and the subsequent family formals and couples portraits took place amid the lush greenery surrounding the venue’s golf course.

Location: Turf Valley Resort, 2700 Turf Valley Rd, Ellicott City, MD 21042.

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