National Museum of Women in Arts Wedding
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National Museum of Women in Arts Wedding

In our time working as wedding photographers in Washington, DC, we have learned that sometimes the unforeseen happens and that all anyone can do is roll with the changes and remember that the only thing that matters is that two people who love each other end the day married.

One of the biggest wildcards on a wedding day, obviously, is the weather. Unfortunately, nobody can guarantee that the sun will shine when a couple ties the knot. Gray skies or a little bit of rain are usually not a huge problem, but every now and then a significant weather event occurs that has a truly disruptive effect.

The couple in this wedding portrait had the misfortune of to have scheduled their matrimony on the weekend that “Snowmaggedon” hit the Washington, DC metro area. In the days leading up to their marriage celebration, flights were canceled and businesses were closed in preparation for a storm that would drop more than a foot of snow on the city. As a result, many of this couple’s guests were unable to attend the wedding.

Fortunately, though, one thing did go right for the future bride and groom. They had booked the National Museum of Women in Arts in downtown Washington as their wedding venue, and that turned out to be a stroke of genius. In addition to being the biggest museum in the world that focuses on women’s achievements in the visual, performing and literary arts, the venue is staffed by professionals who truly understand the importance of customer service. Though they were initially tempted to close the building for the entire weekend, the museum’s management realized the impact this would have on a lovely couple who had spent so much time and money planning their wedding day and allowed the spouses-to-be to move their matrimony one day earlier.

So thanks to that compassion and understanding, the couple tied the knot under the museum’s soaring ceilings and surrounded by its minimalistic and classical décor. After the ceremony concluded, we took them outside to take advantage of one of the few upsides of having a wedding in a blizzard: portraits in the snow!

Location: National Museum of Women in the Arts, 1250 New York Ave NW, Washington, DC 20005.