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Sunset wedding photos

As you plan your wedding, a lot of factors go into scheduling the day. Venue availability, officiant availability and weather are just a few of the things you will need to consider. Deciding when to start and end, and what to do in which order depends on a lot of things. Just getting everything you want to do into one workable timeline can be a major accomplishment!

Though you are likely getting advice from everyone around you during the process, permit us to give you one more tip. We suggest that you consult with your Washington, DC, wedding photographer about your scheduling. For starters, we are seasoned wedding professionals. We have seen just about everything when it comes to marriage celebrations. That experience can help you avoid some of the problems that many couples have in organizing their nuptials. We can tell you which parts of your day will need extra time and which require less.

More importantly, though, we can also help you understand how the scheduling will impact your wedding photography. We can tell you when the light will be great and when it will be challenging. We can help you plan your family formal pictures so that that part of the day goes quickly and efficiently. Finally, we can highlight how you can change your schedule to create opportunities for unforgettable couples portraits.

With the last point in mind, we will often suggest that our clients build in time for portraits around dusk. This can be part of the regular couples portraits portion of the day or it can be carved out of the time reserved for your wedding reception. We make this recommendation because photographs of you and your future spouse in front of a gorgeous sunset are beautiful. Couples who have just married always look great against the delicate pinks, fiery oranges, blazing reds and deep purples of the clouds lighting up after the sun dips below the horizon. More importantly, they are among the best reminders of how the beauty of nature can complement the love you feel for each other.

The problem with pursuing these kinds of images is that your DC wedding photographers cannot guarantee that you will get them. Naturally, we hope that the sun shines on your wedding day. But the reality is that rain or even snow can fall. Even if it does not, the sky could still be overcast. Or it could be completely free of clouds, giving the setting sun nothing to illuminate. Or the clouds could be in the wrong place. Or your Washington, DC venue might not have a vantage point with a clear view of the sky. As much as we want to be able to deliver these kinds of stunning pictures to you, there are so many factors that make a great sunset hard to predict!

So when the stars align, we always encourage you to seize the opportunity. For example, as soon as we saw that the sky looked promising on the evening of this couple’s marriage celebration, we suggested that they duck out of their reception and come outside for some quick portraits.

Fortunately, their nuptials were held at ThorpeWood, a rustic venue located about 30 miles from Frederick, Maryland. Because ThorpeWood’s property is an enormous 155 acres and because it is situated 1500 feet up in the Catoctin Mountains, it was not hard at all to find areas with a clear and unobstructed view of the setting sun. We had plenty of time to find a good spot, get the new spouses posed properly and capture some dazzling images of the sky lighting up behind them.

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Regarding the venue, if you and your intended are looking for a truly rural setting for your marriage celebrations, then ThorpeWood might be the place for you. Whereas many venues in the outer rings of the Washington, DC metro area offer a rustic feel not far from the city, ThorpeWood is set deep in the forest and is perfect for brides- and grooms-to-be who want an authentic “off-the-beaten-path” experience. ThorpeWood takes a little longer to get to than many DC-area venues (it is about 90 minutes by car from downtown Washington), but the drive is worth it if you are looking to get married far from the noise and hustle of a major metropolitan area. If you book ThorpeWood, you can either exchange your vows in the venue’s cozy and rustic lodge or, as this lovely couple did, tie the knot in an outdoor space that feels like you are deep in an Appalachian forest.

Location: Thorpewood Inc, 12805 Mink Farm Rd, Thurmont, MD 21788.

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