Top of the Town Arlington Virginia Wedding Photos
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Top of the Town Arlington Virginia Wedding Photos

Are you looking for Arlington, Virginia, wedding photographers to photograph your second marriage? If so, are you worried that your wedding photographs will be less spectacular because it is going to be more casual? Are you afraid that your second marriage celebration will not look as stunning on film? As Northern Virginia wedding photographers, we can certainly understand these concerns. At the same time, we can also tell you that you do not need to worry. Photographs of second weddings can look every bit as beautiful as those taken at any other nuptials. What matters is not the formality or the pomp. The only key component of a great wedding image is emotional impact. And moments filled with that happen at every nuptials that we photograph.

Make no mistake about it, though. Second weddings are different. They have a very distinct look and feel when compared to other marriage celebrations. That is why we have learned to adjust our approach to photography when it comes to second weddings. For starters, we now tend to go for closeup shots more frequently than wider, more expansive shots when photographing those nuptials. Second weddings tend to be more relaxed and casual. Many people who get remarried prefer something simpler and less stressful the second time around. This means that the weddings are generally smaller, and there is typically a lot less spectacle. So instead of producing wide, expansive images of all the hoopla, a good Arlington, Virginia, wedding photographer will focus on closeup shots of your faces. They will get pictures of the emotions that you, your families and your wedding guests feel on that day. They will focus on the little scenes that help tell your love story. Because even though it is your second time at the altar, the feelings that you all feel are no less genuine or beautiful.

The other thing we have learned about photographing second weddings is the importance of getting pictures of family. Obviously, images of parents, grandparents, siblings, aunts, uncles and cousins are a critical part of any complete wedding album. A Northern Virginia wedding photographer must work doubly hard to get those shots at a second wedding, though. That is because those matrimonial events typically have added layers of family dynamics. If you are getting remarried, you might very well have children from your previous relationship. Those sons and daughter are very likely to be old enough to play key roles in your new marriage celebration. This leads to some very meaningful and beautiful photos of you and your future spouse interacting with and sharing emotions with them. And, as in the case of the bride featured in this image, it can sometimes even mean you get pictures of you or your intended having a special moment with several generations of family.

The lovely bride pictured here tied the knot in an intimate wedding ceremony at Top of the Town, a wedding venue in Arlington, Virginia, with one of the best views of the Washington, DC, skyline in the entire metro area. She and her husband-to-be got mostly ready elsewhere and arrived at the event location just before the ceremony began. The bride-to-be did still need to get into her wedding dress, though, and Top of the Town’s staff graciously found some space for her to do her final preparations. Her mother, her sister and her teenaged daughter crowded into the room to help zip up the dress, put on the veil and do some final primping. While they were fussing over their daughter/sister/mother, the bride started smiling and laughing at all the attention, and that is when we took this picture.

As is often the case in great photographs, it is the small details that make this image so memorable. The way the bride is laughing, for example, and the obvious happiness written all over her face. The way that her mother is also laughing, which both mirrors and amplifies the emotions the bride is experiencing. The way that the her sister is touching the bride’s shoulder, establishing a connection between the two and communicating nonverbally the familial love that they have for one another. And finally, the way that the bride’s daughter is fluffing the veil, which creates some nice dynamism in the shot.

Location: Top of the Town Reception and Conference Facility, 1400 14th St N, Arlington, VA 22209.

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