Vietnamese Wedding in Virginia
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Vietnamese Wedding in Virginia

One of the best moments for us as wedding photographers is when we take our cameras home after a wedding, download all the images and then discover that one superlative shot has captured the mood and atmosphere of the entire marriage celebration. We want to tell your love story in as few “words” as possible. We want to give you a photo that you can print, put on your mantel and use to show your guests exactly what your wedding day was like. If we can give you a single photograph that helps you relive all the emotions you felt as you got married, then we couldn’t be happier.

This image is exactly the type of photo we’re talking about — the sort that we love to deliver to our brides and grooms! It is a single shot that encapsulates what we (and the newlyweds) will always remember about this Washington, DC area nuptial celebration: how much fun everyone was having that day.

Wedding celebration in the DC metro area

From the moment that the wedding party started getting ready at the Westfields Marriott Washington Dulles hotel, the couple, their bridesmaids and groomsmen, and their entire family had one another cracking up. When the groom appeared to start getting nervous, his groomsmen were right there with a joke to loosen him up. When her future husband’s letter was delivered to her, the bride was touched and starting to tear up… until her bridesmaids got her to start laughing. When the families gathered for the family formal portraits at the luxurious Chantilly National Golf and Country Club, the bride’s two brothers clowned around, hoisting their future brother-in-law in the air and pretending to pull off their sister’s veil.

This lighthearted atmosphere carried over to the couple’s traditional Vietnamese tea ceremony and subsequent exchange of vows, both of which were also held at the aforementioned Chantilly National Golf and Country Club. Even their officiating priest got into the action! He cracked jokes that had the future husband and wife (as well as their guests) smiling and laughing like they were in this beautiful picture.

Washington, DC metro area wedding venue

Speaking of the Chantilly National Golf and Country Club, we can’t say enough nice things about that lovely venue! Thanks to a recently-completed renovation, the club now boasts a beautiful new banquet room that is a classy and elegant space for DC area weddings. This new area proved more than capable of hosting the tea ceremony, the exchange of vows and the reception. As the club’s excellent staff quickly changed the room around between these events, the guests were able to retire to the cozy bar just upstairs for some drinks and relaxation. Outside the main clubhouse, at the foot of the club’s new outdoor patio, sits an Ed Ault-designed golf course. As we discovered while photographing this wedding there, the course offers some beautiful green nooks for getting couples portraits. We love that these spaces allowed us to give the bride and groom images amid the greenery of nature, even though they were just steps from a luxury wedding venue!

Location: Chantilly National Golf & Country Club, 14901 Braddock Rd, Centreville, VA 20120.