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Washington DC Lincoln Memorial Wedding Photo

Your Washington, DC, wedding photographer should do more for you than just take great pictures of your marriage celebrations. As professionals in the wedding industry, we have experience with a lot of aspects of planning a marriage celebration. If the knowledge we have acquired over the years can help you, we are always happy to share it. We have worked with many of the DC metro area’s top wedding planners. We know caterers, DJs, videographers and calligraphers. We have taken pictures of couples like you at venues in downtown Washington, rural Northern Virginia, suburban Maryland and metropolitan Baltimore. Whatever it is that you are looking for, chances are we can help you find it!

As DC wedding photographers, we are also in a position to give you more general wedding planning recommendations. For example, we often advise our clients to leave extra time in their day-of schedule whenever possible. A marriage celebration can be a hectic event, and things can often run late. When a venue has given you a strict start time for your ceremony or reception, though, falling behind can create a lot of stress for you and your future spouse. That can mean that you end up enjoying your wedding less than you should. And that is a scenario we definitely want to help you avoid!

By padding the schedule a bit, you can relax knowing that running a little late will not have any adverse impact. That allows you to just enjoy every moment of your wedding. And if everything does run on time? In our experience, extra downtime on a wedding day is never a bad thing. It gives you a moment to breathe or some time to spend alone with your new spouse. The latter is a particularly rare commodity during a marriage celebration, but one that is very valuable!

Another bit of general advice that we offer clients in our capacity as DC wedding photographers concerns their venue. Picking the right location for your marriage celebrations is obviously of utmost importance. For starters, it is likely to be among the largest wedding-related expenditures that you will make. More importantly, the site needs to be able to meet your individual needs and fit your vision for your wedding. For example, if you plan to get ready there, it needs to have a space for that. At the same time, your venue needs to be the right size for your nuptials. It must comfortably accommodate all of the guests you plan to invite.

We do not necessarily have a lot of counsel to give you regarding your aesthetic preferences and how your venue fits into that. Other than to be ready with a list of suggestions for places that would give you the vibe you are looking for, of course! The advice that we can and would give you, though, is to not worry too much about a site’s suitability for couples portraits. Obviously, if a prospective venue has a beautiful view of the setting sun, no Washington, DC, wedding photographer will suggest that you pass it up! But to truly great photographers, the location does not matter than much. They can create memorable portraits of you and your future spouse anywhere. They can do that for newlyweds on a crowded street in the middle of Georgetown. They can make spouses-to-be look beautiful on an escalator in Union Station. They can even turn a dark apartment complex garage into a canvas upon which a lovely scene is painted.

The key to creating unforgettable portraiture in a less-than-ideal setting is highlighting the connection between the subjects. If the love they share is evident in every part of their body — from the looks on their faces to the way they hold one another — then the photo would be just as impactful no matter where it is taken. The ugliest background imaginable would not detract from the beauty of the subjects’ emotions.

Obviously, if the connection between the couple is overwhelmingly lovely, it makes more sense for the photographer to focus only on that. If the background is rendered meaningless, then why even include it in the frame? That principle is even true when the background is beautiful. That was the case with the picture featured here. We took it at the Lincoln Memorial, right before the couple’s nuptials at the Andrew W. Mellon Auditorium. (The latter, by the way, is a spectacular venue if you love historic ballrooms!) We have photographed lots of couples at that famous monument and have often included its majestic columns in the background. It is, after all, a beautiful structure, iconic part of the DC skyline and fittingly grand tribute to an American hero. Like we said above, though, sometimes the connection between the spouses-to-be is more than enough. When it is, we find it makes more sense to get in close for a tight shot that shows only the couple’s faces. As you can see here, that can result in a truly beautiful picture. You cannot take your eyes off the couple and the way they are holding one another. Where we captured the image hardly matters at all.

Location: Lincoln Memorial, 2 Lincoln Memorial Cir NW, Washington, DC 20037.

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