Wedding Ceremonies in Baltimore, Maryland
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Wedding Ceremonies in Baltimore, Maryland

Greek orthodox wedding in Maryland

What makes the best wedding photography? Obviously, a stunning image of a bride and groom needs to check all of the standard technical boxes. The composition has to be right, the lighting needs to be perfect, the posing (if it isn’t a candid photo) should accentuate everyone’s best features and so forth. But deciding whether a photo of a newly-married couple is really “the best” is at heart an exercise in subjectivity. Some people prefer images that are bright and full of light. Others love shots that are darker, moodier and more expressive. Some of our clients in the Washington, DC area want photographs with the city’s most famous landmarks in the background. Others don’t care where the images are taken, because their love is all they want to see in the final image.

At the end of the day, there’s no right answer. The best wedding photos for you are the ones that speak to you as a future bride or groom. You should be able to look back at the pictures of your wedding day and see an accurate depiction of your relationship at that time in your life, the way you and your new husband or wife felt about one another at that moment, and the emotions coursing through you on such a special occasion. The wedding photographers you pick should be the ones who you believe best highlight the things that matter most to you in the ways you like best.

One thing that many of our clients have appreciated about the images we produce is the sense of intimacy that they convey. They love that we create pictures in which they appear to be the only two people on the face of the earth, because that is how many couples feel when they are in one another’s arms.

Getting these types of photos is often easier said than done, because private moments are few and far between on a wedding day! With so many family members, friends and guests wanting a moment (or three!) of their time, brides and grooms rarely have much time to themselves. In this picture, for example, the couple had just finished their marriage ceremony at St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church in Baltimore, Maryland. They stepped out into the foyer and waited for the wedding planner to tell them where to go next. Most of the guests were milling around, chatting with one another and occasionally stopping by to congratulate the happy bride and groom.

Despite the beautiful late-afternoon sunlight coming in through the church’s front window, it was hardly a great scenario for a couples portrait. The best photographers, however, can find ways to create intimacy on even the busiest days! So we asked the newlyweds to get in close and lean their heads together. To block out the distracting crowd building around them, we had them close their eyes. This gave their faces a serene and peaceful look that made it clear that there was nowhere else they’d rather be and (more importantly) no one else they’d rather be with

Location: St Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church, 520 Ponca St, Baltimore, MD 21224.