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Wedding Photo in Maryland

Individual portraits are an important part of your Washington, DC, wedding day. Pictures of you and beloved together are perhaps the ones that will grace the your mantle, but the pictures of each of you alone are also significant. You will almost certainly spend a lot of time and money on the clothes, hairstyle and makeup that you will sport when they get married. As DC wedding photographers, we know how much effort you will put into looking your best for your marriage celebrations. We also know that you will want portraiture of yourself and your beloved that shows off how great each of your looks on your wedding day. For that reason, we always plan some extra time for individual portraits during the getting-ready portion of your marriage celebrations.

One might assume that brides care more about their individual portraiture than do grooms. That is certainly what we thought when we first opened our wedding photography business in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. We assumed that capturing images of a groom after he has finished getting ready for his wedding ceremony would be very simple. We figured that the brides would be the tough customers and that most grooms would be easier to please.

It turns out (not surprisingly, in hindsight) that many grooms also want to look great on film. As we mentioned before, they have put a lot of effort into their appearance and clothing. For some, it is the most dressed-up they have been in their lives to that point. They are looking their best and want photos that highlight that.

The challenges of getting the posing and lighting right are the same for a Washington, DC, wedding photographer regardless of who the subject of the image is. We naturally want our grooms to be completely satisfied with their portraits, so we continually strive to find ways to put our male clients in scenarios that make the pictures of them look like they could be found in the pages of a wedding magazine. Taking unforgettable portraits of grooms is not as easy as it might appear, but spending extra time to create epic pictures of a man about to get married is always worth it.

Every time we pick up our cameras, we want to produce images like the one featured here. This particular groom and his now-wife exchanged their wedding vows in a lovely ceremony at the Springfield Manor Winery Distillery Brewery, a beautiful vineyard in Frederick, Maryland. Though a little bit of a drive from downtown Washington, DC, the venue is a fantastic choice for any pair of fiancés looking to tie the knot in the wine country surrounding the Nation’s Capital. It is set partway up a gentle hill, giving the manor house a spectacular view of the foothills of the nearby Catoctin Mountains. The interior of the main facility has a rustic elegance that gives the photos of brides and grooms getting ready a luxurious feel, and the back lawn is a great place for holding nuptial ceremonies amid the natural beauty of suburban Washington, DC.

The groom and his groomsmen got ready on the ground floor of the manor house, while his future wife and her bridesmaids got prepared upstairs. After the usual clowning around, cracking jokes and toasting the groom, the guys got dressed, tied their ties and pinned on their boutonnieres. It was at this point that we got a few minutes to take some portraits of the groom before he headed off to get married.

We started by asking the husband-to-be to look in the venue’s antique mirror and adjust his time. It is a shot that we always like, because it allows us to capture his face and his wedding tuxedo/suit, because the straightening of the tie gives a little bit dynamism to the image and because photographing over the subject’s shoulder adds depth and dimension to the picture. This approach worked even better than we could have hoped in this particular photograph, because the groom’s posture makes it seem as though he is not posing. The slight lean of his body gives the impression that he is pausing for a brief moment to make sure everything is perfect before moving on to more important matters. And that sense of movement makes the picture look incredible.

Location: Springfield Manor Winery Distillery Brewery, 11836 Auburn Rd, Thurmont, MD 21788.

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