Wedding Photographer in Hannover, Germany
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Wedding Photographer in Hannover, Germany

As wedding photographers who have photographed many weddings we know that the picture of the bridal dress is one of the most important images for the bride.

But sometimes taking that picture poses certain challenges when the location where the bride is getting ready is not in an ideal setting. It might be in a very small and dark hotel room, or somewhere where there are a lot of people with her. That is when we as wedding photographers have to get creative with our shot.

We photographed this wedding in Hannover, Germany. It was a destination wedding in the bride's hometown.

 And this time we were lucky, the bride had chosen the modern, business hotel Sheraton Pelikan in the Pelikanviertel, where the rooms are not only flooded with light but their high ceilings make them ideal for picture taking.

After photographing the traditional picture of the wedding dress hanging by the window we saw that this hotel had very interesting lighting in their modern looking elevators.

We hung the bridal dress between the doors of the elevator and took this picture, which the bride really liked.  

Location: Sheraton Hanover Pelikan Hotel, Pelikanpl. 31, 30177 Hannover, Germany.