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Wedding Photographer in Washington DC

One of the most important elements in award-winning Washington wedding photography is posing. That is obviously the case when DC wedding photographers like us take couples portraits of brides and grooms. The priority is always making the people who have just finished their Washington wedding look great on film. Our preference, of course, is to let their normal body language communicate their love in the photos. After all, we consider ourselves to be photojournalistic Washington, DC, wedding photographers. That means we prefer to fade into the background and capture a wedding day’s moments as they occur. But when it comes to couples portraits, sometimes what comes naturally can lead to distracting elements in the resulting photos. So though we always try to let the newlyweds pose themselves, we will make adjustments as needed. Those tweaks help our Washington-based newlyweds find poses that are natural and flattering at the same time.

Obviously, no Washington, DC, wedding photographer does any directing or tweaking when taking candid images. We never want to spoil the integrity of a special moment that the couple shares with someone on their marriage day. When a Washington bride is hugging her mom one last time before the ceremony, we keep to the background. The last thing we would do is interrupt to ask the mother of the bride to position her arm differently! Similarly, we would not request a groom to give his groomsmen their gifts a second time because the posing was wrong. The bride, groom and other wedding participants should feel free to immerse themselves in the experience of the day. It is our job as wedding photographers to find the right way to take pictures of them. Our experience photographing Washington marriage events have taught us to anticipate where we need to be to get the shot. Any award-winning DC wedding photographers knows how to put themselves in the right position to get beautiful images without disturbing their subjects.

Even when we are in the exact right spot with cameras ready, there are times when the positioning is not perfect. Because photojournalistic DC wedding photography prioritizes the integrity of the moment, we sometimes have to accept a lack of control. Candid photography is by its nature unplanned and unscripted. But as long as the emotions are represented genuinely and beautifully on film, that is all that really matters. We will sacrifice the posing for the moment every time. When the couple looks at the picture on their 20th wedding anniversary, all they will care about is how they felt on the day they married. Not whether their arm could have been an inch or two higher!

The best candid Washington, DC, wedding photos, of course, are those that get the moment and the positioning right. Sometimes we wedding photographers are in the right place to capture the scene, and the positioning looks fantastic too. And when that happens, the results are magical. The image featured here is a great example of that. It combines a beautiful moment shared between the bride and a flower girl with some visually pleasing body positioning.

Weddings at the Cosmos Club DC

The bride in this photo had been dancing at her wedding reception at the Cosmos Club in downtown Washington. At some point, she wandered over to dance with her cousin’s daughter, who was the aforementioned flower girl. We knew that that relationship was important to the bride. She had made a special point of telling us about her relative before the wedding day. So when she came over for a hug, we were there in the Cosmos Club ballroom ready to take pictures. Because we anticipated the moment, we managed to photograph the Washington, DC, bride looking as joyful as can be. And as luck would have it, she embraced the flower girl in a way that looked great on film. Their arms that faced the cameras criss-crossed very nicely. The flower girl clasped her hands around the bride’s waist tightly but gently. What made the posing perfect, however, was this DC bride’s back hand. It tucked against the flower girl’s shoulder, running parallel to her arm. That little nuance made the positioning so lovely to the eye and turned a good picture into a great one.

Location: Cosmos Club, 2121 Massachusetts Ave NW, Washington, DC 20008.

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