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Wedding Photographers At Top Of The Town Arlington, VA

Best DC Wedding Venues With A View

If you want a wedding venue that overlooks downtown Washington, DC, then Top of the Town s a great choice. Washingtonian Magazine has called the view from that location “the best in town.” As Northern Virginia wedding photographers who have worked there before, we certainly wouldn’t disagree with that sentiment! In addition to being one of the Washington area’s finest and most elegant wedding venues, Top of the Town also looks down on many of the city’s most famous memorials and landmarks. Thanks in part to that, it is a space that gives your nuptials a truly “DC” feel. We have photographed a couple of marriage celebrations there and would love to help you document your love story in front of that iconic backdrop if you book it as a venue!

The key to Top of the Town’s great view is, not surprisingly, its superlative location. Washington is a pretty flat city, especially in the area around the National Mall. Just across in the Potomac River in Arlington, Virginia, however, the land rises quickly. Just a few hundred meters from the shore at the Marine Corps War Memorial, visitors already get a fairly unobstructed look at the Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument and Capitol Building. At the nearby Netherlands Carillon, the lines of sight are even clearer, meaning you can also see the Jefferson Memorial from there. Top of the Town sits even higher than both of these Arlington-based memorials, atop a hill that rises nearly to the height of many of Arlington’s high-rise apartments. When you step out onto the venue’s lovely terrace for some wedding portraits at sunset, there is literally nothing blocking the view of Washington’s most iconic landmarks.

Bridal Pictures

The bride in this picture certainly enjoyed that aspect of the venue she chose for her marriage celebrations. Even though she and her husband-to-be decided to tie the knot in mid-January, there was no way they were going to let a little cold get in the way of taking some beautiful couples portraits! Protected from the chill wind by only a wedding dress designed for beauty and not warmth, the lovely bride posed for some epic images along with her new husband.

Once back inside, the bride busied herself preparing for her grand entrance into the reception and her and her husband’s first introduction as a married couple. The cold winter wind had disturbed her hair and makeup a bit, so her bridesmaids helped her touch everything up before the big moment. Lest you think that Top of the Town’s only attraction is its first-rate view, its indoor facilities are also outstanding, and the lighting is great for candid photos like the one featured here.

We captured this particular image without the bride realizing that we were there, and we love that we were able to put on film the serenity on her face in that unguarded moment. As we mentioned, she had just come inside after a particularly chilly portrait session and was trying to quickly fix her hair and makeup while her guests anxiously awaited her arrival in the reception area. It could have been an extremely nervous time for her, but it was not. The look on her face says that she was clearly enjoying those few moments of peace and quiet while her bridesmaid adjusted her veil and before she went back into the crowd.

Location: Top of the Town Reception and Conference Facility, 1400 14th Street N, Arlington, Virginia 22209.

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