Wedding Photography at Springfield Manor Winery, MD
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Wedding Photography at Springfield Manor Winery, MD

Capturing candid and unscripted moments is one of our favorite things about wedding photography. The best wedding pictures, in our humble professional opinion, are those that reveal the love, tenderness and caring that emerge when a newly married couple forgets that anyone else is there (including the wedding photographers) and enjoys being in each other’s presence.

The bride and groom in this image tied the knot in a lovely outdoor wedding on the grounds of Springfield Manor Winery & Distillery near Frederick, Maryland. Officiated by the groom’s father, their marriage ceremony featured a colorful and moving “blending of the sands” ritual that commemorated the joining of the two families.

After their beautiful nuptials, the newlyweds braved the DC area’s intense early-autumn heat to stroll around the vineyard’s grounds and pose for some absolutely epic and unforgettable images. The rolling green and yellow hills surrounding the wedding venue gave the photos a soft and rustic feel that appropriately echoed the tenderness with which the couple held one another.

But the best part of the shoot happened on the walk back to the vineyard’s main house. Halfway up the driveway, the new husband and wife stopped briefly and smiled at each other in a beautiful and unscripted moment. That look showed us the love and connection that brought the two of them together, and as beautiful as the other portraits were, this one will always be our favorite from that day.

Location: Springfield Manor Winery & Distillery, 11836 Auburn Rd, Thurmont, MD 21788.