Wedding Photos at the Hotel Monaco in Washington DC
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Wedding Photos at the Hotel Monaco in Washington DC

The Kimpton Hotel Monaco Washington DC is one of the best wedding venues in the Nation’s Capitol for couples looking for a luxurious but quirky location in which to celebrate their marriage vows. Located in Washington’s historic Chinatown district, the Kimpton Monaco is as elegant as they come. Because it is a part of Kimpton’s international network of hotels and restaurants, the award-winning Monaco boasts all the luxury and elegance of a typical five-star hotel. For instance, the furnishings are reminiscent of those found in classical European residences, and the chairs and tables are designed to resemble the tops of Corinthian columns. We do not think that any bride or groom looking for a swanky venue would leave the Kimpton Monaco disappointed by its creature comforts!

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In our opinion as professional wedding photographers, what sets the Kimpton Hotel Monaco Washington DC apart as a venue for nuptial celebrations are the fun and quirky elements that the designers have mixed in. Despite being part of a large international chain, the Kimpton Hotel Monaco is at heart a boutique hotel, and its interior decor reflects this. Each of the building’s 183 rooms, for example. has a large architectural medallion of a lion’s head on the wall. What’s even better are the specific Washington, DC touches that the designers have given the hotel. For starters, the venue is located in the old General Post Office building, one of DC’s oldest government edifices. Inside, the large hanging globe sconces are an homage to the promenade at Washington’s iconic Union Station. For brides and grooms who want their wedding photography to have a distinctively DC feel, the Kimpton Hotel Monaco is as Washington as it gets!

Because we are based in Washington, DC, we absolutely loved that aspect of taking pictures at the Kimpton Hotel Monaco. One of our favorite things about being wedding photographers in the Nation’s Capital is the opportunity to incorporate some of the more iconic elements of the city into our images of couples in love. Whether it’s the Washington Monument, the Jefferson Memorial, one of the Smithsonian Museums or any one of the dozens of other DC landmarks, making the city a part of our clients’ love story is always a priority for us.

Interestingly, though, this particular image of a couple about to be married was not taken with any reminders of Washington in the background. We just really like the body language and the connection between the new husband and his bride! Couples portraits in which the pair is leaning in to kiss without quite making contact are very romantic, because they have such a great sense of anticipation. When you look at a picture like that, you can’t help but want the couple to finish the kiss, for their lips to finally meet.

Adding to the drama and tension evident in this image is the fact that we took it just after their first look. The groom saw his future wife in her wedding dress for the first time on the stairs between the floors where their rooms were. After having been separated all morning while they got ready, the couple was dying to finally embrace one another and share a kiss. This photo was taken at the last moment before they finally had the moment for which they had been waiting.

Location: Kimpton Hotel Monaco Washington DC, 700 F St NW, Washington, DC 20004.