Wedding Pictures at the Ronald Reagan Building in DC
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Wedding Pictures at the Ronald Reagan Building in DC

Every Washington, DC, wedding photographer should have one goal for a client’s wedding day. When they are done photographing DC-based brides and grooms, they should have produced a pictorial documentary of the marital event. Couples hire their wedding photographers to capture everything that happens on film. As a married couple, they will want to be able to relive their marriage celebrations through their wedding photo album. For that to happen, nothing can be left out. Every shot that the Washington-area couple expects should be accounted for.

So DC wedding photographers must aim to get pictures of everything and everybody. That means photographing the bridal portraits and the family formal photos. Their photography list must include pictures of the couple exchanging their wedding rings and images of the decorations they chose. DC wedding photographers must endeavor to get a photograph of every wedding guest during the cocktail hour. Above all, the best Washington, DC, wedding photographers must capture every significant moment as it unfolds. A wedding album is more than just a collection of pictures that narrates the story of a matrimony. It should also communicate the emotional impact of every memorable moment that the DC bride and groom experience.

A Washington, DC, wedding photographer therefore has to master every element of their craft. They should be able to deliver to their clients an award-winning photograph of any part of a wedding day. Couples portraits and wedding photojournalism require different skills, naturally. But the best DC wedding photographers need to produce both with equal facility. That said, each Washington, DC, wedding photographer will have an area in which they specialize. There is usually one element of wedding photography in which they excel.

For us, that is the photojournalistic side. We love using our cameras to document the emotional aspects of a wedding in the Washington, DC, area. There is nothing as satisfying as creating those kinds photos for DC-area brides and grooms. Pictures of a bride wiping a tear from her eye as her future husband reads his wedding vows, for example. We believe that those images mean the most because they show the emotions that a couple and their families feel.

That is not to suggest that couples portraits are not important. On the contrary, those are the pictures that are most likely to grace two Washington, DC, newlyweds’ mantle. Brides and grooms spend a lot of time, effort and money on looking their best on their wedding day. They therefore want their couples portraits to show that. Spouses-to-be want pictures of themselves that look every bit as glamorous as they feel on that special day. It is the job of their DC wedding photographers to create images that do just that.

There are obviously a lot of different ways to make a pair of Washington-based newlyweds look gorgeous on camera. One way that we like is the so-called “Vogue” approach to portraiture. It is a wedding photography style that makes brides and grooms look like models from the pages of a fashion magazine. It is not the right look for every DC couple, of course. Each set of fiancés has a particular aesthetic that works for them. But when the Vogue style works for spouses-to-be, it leads to glorious wedding photos like the one featured here!

For these kinds of couples portraits to work, though, the setting needs to be right. It must be every bit as glamorous as the couple. In this case, we posed the Washington newlyweds outside the Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center. The arches along its base, in particular, are an elegant space for post-wedding-ceremony couples portraits. The building’s white stone walls also make a perfect canvas for pictures of newlyweds or their wedding party.

Another selling point for the Ronald Reagan Building as a spot for couples portraits is its location. It sits on Pennsylvania Avenue Northwest, which means it is just blocks from the White House and US Capitol. And those two landmarks are fantastic backdrops for quintessentially Washington, DC, portraiture! The site of this picture is also a short walk from the National Mall. So after some glamorous pictures of newlyweds between the Reagan Building’s arches, the Washington Monument is a logical next stop for additional portraits.

Location: Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center, 1300 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC 20004.

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