Winery Wedding at the Bluemont Vineyard Virginia
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Winery Wedding at the Bluemont Vineyard Virginia

Vineyard weddings in Virginia

Vineyard weddings are always very beautiful! The gentle light of the setting sun on the grapevines always adds a magical glow to the images.

Situated on a hill between Leesburg, Virginia and the West Virginia border, Bluemont Vineyard is a lovely venue for an outdoor ceremony — and for taking great wedding pictures! Couples tying the knot in that special locale can exchange their vows with a stunning view of a bucolic valley as a backdrop. The surrounding hills and trees positively glow in the setting autumn sun as a man and woman pledge their love to one another and make the photography something truly special.

As its name suggests, this popular site is also a working winery. As such, the majority of its grounds is lined with grapevines. Brides and their grooms can take romantic strolls between the rows and find a few minutes of quiet and peace during their otherwise hectic wedding day. Some even like to get away to practice saying, “I do.”

The bride and groom's ceremony was behind the main house of the vineyard. Framed by the gentle sunlight and the beautiful reds, yellows and brows of the fall leaves they said their wedding vows. When it was the bride's turn to read her vows to her man, the groom was overcome by emotions tearing up as he looked at this woman who within minutes would become his wife. 

A moment of tenderness that we as wedding photographers captured for them.

Location: Bluemont Vineyard, 18755 Foggy Bottom Rd, Bluemont, VA 20135 .