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If you hire us to be your DC wedding photographers, you will get two professionals who are dedicated to photojournalism. That means we strive to document the most important moments of your wedding day for you. The entire time we have our cameras in our hands, we will be looking for scenes with emotional impact. Some will be during the formal parts of your marriage celebrations. Others will happen while people are just hanging around talking. Some of those moments will be big and unmissable. Others will play out on the margins, when few people are paying attention. Regardless of how or when these scenes occur, we will be there getting all of them on film. Because we know that every photo we take of those special moments will be sacred to you.

The hard part, of course, is figuring out which wedding-day scenes are going to matter most to you. All parts of your marriage celebration are not necessarily equal. It is going to be more important to preserve some things on film than others. Deciding which is which is a delicate art. Fortunately, years of practice as DC wedding photographers has given us a great sense of which moments to focus on. We have photographed so many weddings that we know instinctively where to point our cameras and when. We have learned to look for little cues that tell us when something important is about to happen. As soon as we see them, we are ready to capture the scene on film forever.

A lot of knowing what to look for starts with your Washington, DC, wedding photographer understanding the relationships that you have with your close friends and family. In our experience, the most meaningful moments are those with emotional importance. A scene in which the subjects feel something deeply is sure to make for a memorable photo. And that kind of emotional significance is usually only possible when there is an important relationship between the people photographed. We do not generally get pictures of strangers that are emotionally impactful. People who know each other well, though, whether close friends or members of the same family, tend to have interactions that really matter.

This is why, even before we photograph your wedding, we will spend time trying to understand which relationships are important to you. We will meet with you and your future spouse the week of your wedding to go over every aspect of your marriage celebrations in great detail. During that conversation, we will talk with you about the roles that your close friends and family will play in the event. We will get a sense of who matters most and what kind of interactions they will have with you. As a result, we know whom to focus on when. And then your Washington, DC, wedding photographer will get the kinds of pictures you will treasure for a lifetime.

We had that kind of chat with the bride pictured here. We then came to her wedding with a great understanding of which people mattered to her most. We knew, for example, how close she was to her maid of honor. Theirs was a longstanding and meaningful relationship. As the bride’s closest friend, the maid of honor played a key role in just about every significant part of the wedding day. And not just in the more formal aspects. Throughout the day, she was by her friend’s side, helping her with whatever she needed. A thousand little moments like that played out in the time we were photographing, and we captured every one of them on film.

This particular moment happened as the bride was walking through the Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center. She and her groom had just finished taking pictures with their wedding party. They were on their way to another part of the edifice for their couples portraits. The bride obviously did not want any of her beautiful wedding dress dragging on the sidewalk as she walked. This was particularly important, given that we wanted to use her train and veil in the portraiture. Seeing what was happening, the maid of honor swooped in and picked up the back of the dress without even speaking a word. It was a small and brief moment, but one that spoke a lot about the closeness of their relationship. Because we knew to expect it, we were right there with cameras at the ready. And the result was a picture that both the bride and her maid of honor will love forever.

Location: Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center, 1300 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC 20004.

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