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The thought of hiring a photojournalistic DC wedding photographer might lead you to worry that your pictures will lack pizzazz. We hope that this website is evidence that you need not be concerned! Jokes aside, though, it is a perfectly reasonable thing to assume that documentary-style photographs will be flashy. After all, if your DC wedding photographers are focused on capturing moments as they unfold, how can they still introduce cool effects into the images? If they are not setting up scenarios, how can they control what the environment around you looks like? If they are trying to show what your wedding felt like, won’t the pictures lack artistic flair?

Again, these concerns are not entirely unfounded. Every Washington DC wedding photographer has to choose between artistry and authenticity. They have to find a balance in their overall philosophy and in the individual pictures they take. If they are ok with staging shots, they can literally do anything creativity-wise. They can employ external lighting in any way they choose. They can pose you and your future spouse in any location (within reason) and in whatever way they like. They can add colors to the scene or take them away. With this level of creative freedom, the images they produce will undoubtedly be beautiful and stunning.

Those photos will, however, lack genuineness. By constructing an artificial scene, a DC wedding photographer is by definition robbing it of its authenticity. If they then place you and your future spouse in that staged “moment,” any emotions you feel will be filtered through your knowledge that what you are experiencing is not real. And unless you are a trained actor or actress, that will show in the images produced.

Documentary Wedding Photographer

The way your photographers can ensure authenticity, of course, is to let your day unfold naturally and simply document what happens. If you get minimal direction, all of your reactions to the events will be completely real. With fewer interruptions, you will be more fully immersed in the moment. There will be no need for acting or pretending to feel something you do not feel. The images will just show you and your future spouse experiencing your day.

With this approach, though, your photographers do lose a lot of creative control. Though we can still use lighting in ways that make the pictures more visually interesting, we cannot sacrifice the moment in the process. We cannot change the backgrounds at your wedding venues in DC very much. We certainly will not interrupt you to ask you to move! We will always find ways to make you look good in your photos, but we will not pose you unless we are taking your couples portraits.

These limitations do not mean that your photos will fail to dazzle you, though. It just means that your photojournalistic wedding photographer will have to get a little more creative. We will simply have to think outside the box more. We will have to use the environment around us to inject flair into your wedding pictures.

The good news is that that is not as hard to do as it sounds. It mostly just involves us moving around more. Which is why you will see us in constant motion on your wedding day. Because if the background of your hotel room is no good, we will keep repositioning ourselves until the action takes place against a more attractive backdrop. Similarly, if the lighting is unflattering, we will find an angle that fixes that problem. It is more work for us, obviously, and leaves us pretty sweaty by the end of the day. But finding ways to capture images of real, authentic moments that look beautiful on film makes the effort well worth it.

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This image is a great example of how that approach can pay off. As you can see, we photographed the moment this bride was reciting her wedding vows. Clearly, it was a moment that was important and moving for both her and her groom. We like to think that this picture does a good job showing the emotions she is feeling as the bride pledges her love to her future husband. It also looks visually stunning thanks to our efforts to find ways to inject creativity into the shot. The couple exchanged their vows in the courtyard of The Westin Georgetown, an elegant Washington DC venue in a tony part of the Nation’s Capital. Near the rear wall of that lovely space were some trees whose leaves had turned an early-fall yellow. Because we noticed how beautiful they looked when we set up for the wedding, we knew that we had something we could work into shots of the ceremony. So when the moment of truth arrived and the bride began saying her vows, we quickly shifted away from the center aisle. That put the trees in between the couple. We then opened up our cameras’ apertures, which made the leaves appear blurry and dreamy. The end result of these efforts was a photo of a beautiful moment set against a beautiful (and creative) background.

Location: The Westin Georgetown, Washington D.C.,2350 M St NW, Washington, DC 20037.

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