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Artsy Richmond Mural Wedding Photography

In our quest to give you wedding portraits that are as unique as your love story, we will use whatever the location has to offer. Which is good news for you when it comes to your venue! You don’t have to worry about its creative photographic possibilities when you pick it out. No matter where you get married, we’ll find ways to come up with something magical. Maybe we’ll use an unusually shaped staircase. Or maybe holiday lights and an umbrella. Perhaps a colorful canoe will give you an innovative wedding portrait. As might a heart-shaped leaf. Depending on your wedding venue, we might even be able to use art to create artsy wedding photography! Just like we did for this couple at their Richmond wedding. We found a cool pop art mural across from their venue and used it to craft a really unique wedding portrait.

Want Guaranteed Artsy Portraits? Pick a Museum Wedding Venue!

As we said above, we’ll give you creative wedding photography regardless of what kind of venue you choose. You can marry in the middle of nowhere, and we’ll find interesting and unique elements. That said, picking a location with lots of art is a great way to ensure you get artsy wedding photography.

Museum Wedding Venues in the DMV

The obvious choice in that case is a museum wedding venue. What better place to find art, right? With that in mind, here’s a list of some museums in the Washington DC metro area that host weddings:

An Important Consideration for Getting Artsy Wedding Portraits

Which of these is the best choice for you depends on your specific needs, of course. Which are going to include a lot more considerations than just your portraits! But as you look for locations with lots of creative photographic possibilities, please keep one thing in mind. The more freedom you (and we) have to go near the art installations, the more innovative your portraits will be. The ideal is a venue in which you can touch or even climb on the artwork. Most won’t be like that, of course! But try to avoid museum wedding venues that fence the art off from everything else.

Mural Wedding Photography in Richmond VA

The couple in this artsy wedding portrait did not marry in a museum. Instead, they picked the fabulous Dominion Energy Center in downtown Richmond VA. Though it doesn’t house any artwork, that venue actually offers tons of creative photo opportunities in its own right. For example, because the venue is also a theater, couples can have their names in lights on the marquee outside. That makes a really cool and colorful site for some creative night wedding portraits.

We pulled this couple out of their wedding reception to do exactly those shots for them. As we were creating their wedding portraits earlier in the day, however, that we noticed the aforementioned mural across the street from the Dominion Energy Center. Painted on the side of a restaurant in downtown Richmond is a huge pop art image of a woman crying. Struck by the uniqueness of this piece of art, we made note of it and decided to bring the couple back there when we had them outside for their night wedding portraits.

The reason we wanted to create the image at night was because we thought the pale color of the woman’s skin would make a perfect backdrop for a silhouette. So after taking a picture of the newlyweds under the marquee lights, we brought them over to the artwork. We posed them, set up a light to illuminate the wall and created an unforgettable mural wedding photo!


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Location: Dominion Energy Center, East Grace Street, Richmond, VA, USA.

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