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We have written elsewhere on this site that you cannot pick a better location for your marriage celebrations than Washington, DC. The Nation’s Capital has any kind of wedding venue that you would want, from wineries to luxury hotels to historic museums. It is also one of the best locations on earth for wedding photography.

That DC is so great for pictures of newlyweds is partly due to the design of the city. The Height of Buildings Act of 1910 gives DC wedding photographers clear views of many of the city’s iconic structures. The Washington Monument and the US Capitol are visible from many different parts of DC. That means you and your beloved can get couples portraits with those famous buildings in the background from nearly everywhere in the District. You do not even necessarily need to stand anywhere near them!

The downside to Washington’s relatively low skyline is that there are relatively few wedding venues with sweeping views of the city. Most of the photographs of couples in front of DC’s monuments are taken from ground level. That is not a bad thing in and of itself, of course. But couples like you and your intended understandably want your Washington, DC, wedding photographer to make your matrimonial photos stand out. You want your couples portraits to be as unique as your relationship. You want your wedding album to feature something new and different that no other newlyweds have. So photos of the most recognizable parts of the Nation’s Capital from uncommon perspectives are extremely valuable.

Fortunately, there are several DC wedding venues that offer you and your future spouse the possibility of sweeping cityscape photos. The building height restriction stops at the District of Columbia’s borders. So wedding venues across the Potomac River in Arlington, Virginia, can be taller and offer views looking down on Washington. The topography of the area makes Arlington a good spot for these kinds of photos as well. Most of that suburb sits on a river bluff several hundred feet above DC. Top of the Town, an Arlington wedding venue, makes particularly good use of this geographical asset. It sits atop a particularly steep hill that rises from the river bluff, putting it well above downtown Washington, DC. As such, Top of the Town affords a lovely view of nearly all of Washington’s famous monuments. The terrace of Le Méridien Arlington offers a similarly spectacular look at DC's swanky Georgetown neighborhood from Rosslyn, Virginia.

Because DC has a flatter topography, there are fewer wedding venues in the District that offer such views. So if you book one of those locations for your nuptials, we will absolutely make sure to get some epic portraits of you from those vantage points. We will take you up on the roof or balcony of the venue to get shots with Washington’s skyline in the background.

101 Constitution Roof Terrace Wedding Venue

That is exactly what we did with this bride and groom after they tied the knot. They had booked 101 Constitution for both their wedding ceremony and reception. That wedding venue is one of the aforementioned places in DC that has a great view of the city. 101 Constitution has one of the best in Washington, in fact. On one side of its rooftop is a terrace looking directly out to the US Capitol a few hundred meters away. On the west-facing end of the building is a view of the Washington Monument. After these newlyweds concluded their exchange of martial vows, we took them to both sides of 101 Constitution for couples photos with both landmarks behind them.

Even though this particular image does not feature either famous building, it was one of our favorites from the day. For starters, the bride and groom look great and very much in love. We also find the sky behind them to be a truly beautiful shade of blue. It takes a great backdrop to make DC wedding photographers aim away from the Washington Monument. And the sky that day was just that sort of spectacular background. Its azure shade gives a bit of color to an image that is otherwise dominated by the neutral tones of the buildings and their clothes.

Location: 101 Constitution Roof Terrace , 101 Constitution Ave NW # L140, Washington, DC 20001.

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