Closeup Wedding Photo of Maryland Couple
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Closeup Wedding Photo of Maryland Couple

When we create your wedding portraits, we’ll make sure to take a wide variety of different photos. Time permitting, we’ll change the location (or at least the backdrop) to give you different settings and to use different parts of your venue. We’ll change up the posing from one shot to the next. That will bring out the different beautiful ways the two of you fit together and keep things from getting boring. And finally, we’ll take a variety of wide-angle and closeup images. The wider shots will show off the beauty of your wedding venue or location where you do your couples portraits. Those photos will have a little more context that you’ll appreciate years from now. The closeup wedding photos, by contrast, will highlight the connection and romance that binds you together. As you can see in this portrait of a newly married couple in Maryland!

Why Closeup Wedding Photos Are So Romantic

So what is it that makes the romance shine through in an image like this? There are three reasons why closeup wedding photos are perfect for highlighting the intimacy in your relationship:

  • The details of your faces are clear. Because we’re pretty near you when we take these shots (or at least we’ve zoomed way in), the resulting images show pretty much your entire faces. (Assuming we haven’t posed you in a different way.) In particular, your eyes are fully visible. And more importantly, the emotions in the windows to your soul are on full display. So the love and connection between the two of you is all anyone can focus on.
  • There are no distractions. As we mentioned above, we’ll take lots of wider shots of you to highlight the surroundings. Those are critically important pictures, because they give you that context we talked about. However, you sharing the “stage” with your venue pulls the focus off of you a little. Which is perfectly fine, as long as you also have some with no distractions. A closeup wedding photo, in which only your faces are visible, puts the focus on you and you alone. So all anyone can see is the romance crackling between you!
  • Very little separates you. To take a truly closeup wedding picture of you and your future spouse, we need to pose you with just inches between your faces. Any more distance than that, and we’ll have to back up a bit. And the resulting images just won’t look or feel the same. So we’ll get you really, really close to one another. And when two people who love each other are face to face like that, nothing in the scene distracts them from one another. So the pictures can’t help but be romantic.

Closeup Portrait at Wedding in Maryland

Because it has all three of those elements, this picture drips with romance. First, you can see the couple’s eyes very clearly. Because of that, the happiness and love they feel for one another is blindingly apparent. Second, there is nothing in the image but their smiling faces. No other element pulls your attention from them and their emotions. Finally, their faces are so close that they’re actually touching. And even though they can’t see each other’s eyes, the connection is there and undeniable.

The location of this photo is a mystery, obviously. (Like we said above, closeup wedding photos aren’t meant to showcase your venue.) But we love the place where this couple got married so much that we want to mention it anyway. The Cloisters Castle is a gorgeous facility in Maryland. It sits in the middle of a beautiful patch of rural forest but is close enough to Baltimore to be a convenient drive from that city. For a more detailed rundown of everything that makes this Maryland wedding venue special, read the blog post we did about it.

We took this particular closeup wedding portrait on the picturesque walk up to The Cloisers Castle’s front door. A stone path passes though a series of green and yellow bushes on its way up a small hill. Our original idea was to do a drone wedding portrait of the couple lying on the walkway. We thought the shapes and textures of the bushes would make those shots very visually compelling. (And they were!) But while we did that, we wanted to give the couple a little more of the variety we talked about above. So we snapped a few closeup photos and got this unforgettable image in the process.

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Location: The Cloisters Castle, 10440 Falls Rd, Timonium, MD 21093, United States.

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