Colorful Northern Virginia Indian Wedding Photography
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Colorful Northern Virginia Indian Wedding Photography

TL;DR We love colorful wedding photography because it's fun, happy and full of life. Which is great when we document a Northern Virginia Indian wedding!

Every Northern Virginia Indian wedding we’ve photographed has been an explosion of color. There is simply no such thing as an understated, muted Indian marriage celebration. The reds, purples, yellows and greens dazzle, excite and occasionally overwhelm the senses. And as lovers of colorful wedding photography, we can’t get enough of Indian wedding events in Northern Virginia! We love to create images with bright, bold hues for our couples, and these celebrations make that so, so easy.

This couple’s four-day Punjabi wedding at the Westfields Marriott Washington Dulles in Chantilly wasn’t just a feast for the eyes, though. It was also everything else that is great about marriage celebrations done in the traditions of the Subcontinent. But more on that below!

Why We Prefer Colorful Wedding Photography…

Before we talk about what made this couple’s Northern Virginia Indian wedding so special, we want to say a few words about why our wedding photography features so many bright, bold colors. As with many wedding photographers in the DMV, our work is a reflection of how we see the world. And spectacular colors have always attracted us. Why? Because they are exciting, fun, happy and full of life. In other words, some of the qualities that make weddings such special events! Qualities that we feel we need to capture in our wedding photography.

We also believe that every couple’s wedding pictures should be unforgettable. Everyone deserves photos of their wedding day that stand out. You shouldn’t be able to take your eyes off of them. They should imprint themselves on your brain so that you remember them forever. And images with soft, muted tones just don’t get the job done. They look pretty but are soon gone from your memory. Bright, colorful wedding photography, by contrast, grabs your attention and doesn’t let go.

…And Why That’s Perfect for Indian Weddings in Northern Virginia

As we mentioned above, Indian wedding celebrations are a dream come true for wedding photographers who like colorful photography. But more importantly, they demand professionals whose work captures the dazzling array of hues in the decorations and clothing. If you are planning an Indian wedding in Northern Virginia, you are doing yourself a disservice if you opt for photography with understated tones.

Like marriage traditions in most of the world, Indian weddings are a reflection of the culture that birthed them. And India itself is bold, loud, sometimes overwhelming and always, always in your face. It is exhilarating and invigorating, but also sometimes overwhelming and exhausting. But it is never muted, subtle or lifeless. Capturing what makes India (and its weddings) special requires bringing out those dazzling, gorgeous colors.

What Made This Northern Virginia Indian Wedding Special

As you can see in this image from the couple’s Haldi ceremony, this Northern Virginia Indian wedding was as colorful as they come. But as we mentioned above, it was also so much more than that. Like most Indian weddings, it was also a celebration of family. Not just the coming together of two families, but also the integration of new members. The bride’s family obviously considered the groom a part of their family. Her parents treated her husband-to-be like their son. The many rituals that celebrated his arrival to the family were not just formalities. They were genuine expressions of affection for someone they deeply cared about. Which was especially meaningful during the wedding celebrations, because the groom’s family was unable to attend due to COVID-related issues.

Equally memorable was the groom’s relationship with his brother-in-law. They were clearly very close. They were constantly goofing around and giggling about inside jokes. One of our favorite moments was when the two conspired with the best man to play a prank on the bride. Though we never got to see whether the gag paid off, witnessing and photographing the planning process was more than worth it.


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