Creative Drone Engagement Photo in Nature
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Creative Drone Engagement Photo in Nature

You obviously want your Washington DC engagement photos to be something special. Not just special, but unique, one-of-a-kind and magical! Your love story has never been ordinary. So your DC wedding photographers need to give you engagement pictures that show that to the world. Basic shots of you and your future spouse staring at the camera smiling are just not good enough. No, you want and need and DESERVE something spectacular.

As a married couple ourselves, we understand firsthand how much unique Washington DC engagement photos matter. We know how important it is to feel like those images tell your story and yours alone. We have felt the joy of knowing that only we could be the subjects of those beautiful images.

That understanding is why we strive every day to come up with new ways to document our clients’ love stories. We are always learning and experimenting with more advanced photographic techniques. We are always searching for more daring angles. We are always taking new risks. Finally, we are always researching tools and equipment that will take our photography to new heights. And we do all of this so that we can give you Washington DC engagement photos that stand out from the rest.

Not all of these experiments work out, of course. But they always teach us something new about the art of documenting love stories. And that invariably makes each of us a better Washington DC wedding photographer for folks like you.

How a Drone Changed Our Washington DC Engagement Photos

When we hit on something that does tell your love story in unique and different ways, though, the results are truly transformational. That has certainly been the case with the DJI Mavic Pro drone that we added to our gear bag a few years ago. It has literally changed what it is possible to do with our Washington DC engagement photos. We can now create images with an entirely unique look and feel for couples like you. As we have mentioned many times elsewhere on this website, the world is completely different when viewed from high above. You can see things that are not apparent from five to six feet off the ground. New lines cut across the frames of our drone’s camera. Visually interesting patterns show up. Nature can be worked into our compositions in ways that are impossible from ground level.

The best wedding photographers take all of that new information and use it to compose beautiful images around you. Drone pictures look and feel unlike anything you have ever seen before. Why? Because unless you are a bird, you have never viewed the world from hundreds of feet up in the air. And neither has anyone who will look at your Washington DC engagement photos. Which means your pictures are as unique and special as your love story.

Stunning Washington DC Drone Engagement Photos

The key to epic drone Washington DC engagement photos is looking for those aforementioned interesting patterns and bold lines. After all, those are what make drone pictures so compelling and unique. When it comes to the pattern, we are typically going to look for scenes that are regular, uniform and symmetrical. Agricultural fields are a great example of this. Fields of corn, wheat or canola generally have a very consistent and unbroken pattern of evenly spaced rows when viewed from the sky.

When we find a good one, we will then pose you in a part of it. We will typically ask you to lie down. Why? Because you will want photos that show your faces and not the top of your head. Your presence in the frame then adds a bit of visual incongruity that breaks up the monotony of the pattern. You then become what sticks out the most -- what the eye immediately seeks out. And that is an element that makes for really thrilling engagement photography.

Farm Engagement Photos by Washington DC Photographers

When we are looking for strong and interesting lines (as we did for this couple), we are either going to use them to frame you or to point to you. So if the scene features multiple parallel lines, we will probably ask you to lie down somewhere between them. Using the same farmland example from above, if the rows are set fairly wide from one another, we will probably pose you between two and go for a closeup shot. The lines of the rows will then make a frame around the two of you. And again, they draw the eye immediately to you.

If the lines are not parallel, we will probably pose you somewhere near where they intersect. Or where they would have intersected, if that point is somewhere out of the frame. So if a road and river appear in the setting in which you are posing, we will probably have you lie down close to where they meet. The convergence of those two lines will then subtly point to the two of you.

Drone Photo by Engagement Photographer DC

In the case of the Washington DC engagement photo posted here, we actually combined both of these approaches. The dominant lines in this field were the intersecting paths imprinted into the crops by a tractor passing through them. Each individual set of tracks made a distinct line through the field that intersected with the other set. At the same time, each one also comprised two parallel lines made by the tractor’s tires. So by posing the couple at the intersection of the two paths, we were able to achieve the aforementioned “converging lines” effect. And by putting the future bride between the parallel lines of one path and the future groom between those of the other, we were able to frame each of them individually.

The end effect is a striking one. The eye goes to both of them together because of the intersecting lines. It also runs to each individually because of the parallel lines. We feel that it is a very nice and subtle way to highlight the way that a marriage requires us to be both individuals and part of a larger whole simultaneously. And none of it would have been possible without a piece of equipment that has changed our Washington DC engagement photos forever.

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