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Outdoor Winter Engagement Photos Hannover

Why bother hiring destination DC wedding photographers to document your overseas marriage celebration? That is a question you should certainly be asking if you and your future spouse are organizing your nuptials. After all, the place where your marriage celebrations will take place undoubtedly has great photographers, right? And if you hire someone local, you can save on the airfare and accommodations for the photographers. Nonetheless, we believe there are some very compelling reasons why you should consider hiring a destination Washington DC wedding photographer.

Before getting into them, though, we should acknowledge that the arguments against booking DC destination wedding photographers are perfectly valid. Just about every country in the world has fantastic and talented photographers. It should not be difficult to find one who offers something you like. And when it comes to costs, we know from both personal and professional experience how important it is to stick to your budget. Costs can spiral out of control quickly, and it is essential that you not let them overwhelm you.

Why to Hire a Destination Photographer

So in light of those factors, why should you book a destination photographer for your nuptials? The first has to do with their style of photography. It is true that there are talented wedding photographers all around the world. But every one of them takes pictures a little differently. If two photographers of equal skill levels each photograph you and your future spouse, you will almost certainly not like set of images equally. You are likely to prefer the style of one to that of the other. So in reality, photographers are not really interchangeable.

What this means for you as you select a wedding photographer is that if you find one whose work you love, you are probably not going to find someone who suits you just as much somewhere else. So if you absolutely adore the photos of a professional in the DC area, it can be worth paying extra to have them come document your destination wedding. If you love how you look in your wedding album, you will never regret what you spent on it.

A destination wedding photographer from DC can also add value to your marriage celebrations in non-photographic ways. If they are familiar with the location of your nuptials, for example, they can help you navigate your wedding’s logistics. If they speak multiple foreign languages fluently (like we do), they can help translate for you when you deal with other service providers. At the same time, you will have met them personally in DC prior to the wedding. That means that they will understand your needs much better than someone whom you are meeting for the first time on the day of.

Outdoor Engagement Photos

The destination engagement session during which we captured this portrait was a perfect example of how such a photographer can be valuable. The couple wanted their photos taken at the famous Christmas market in Hannover, Germany. Fortunately for them, they got a photographer (Anji) who is a native German speaker. More importantly, they got someone who grew up in that part of the world and who knew the Christmas market tradition very well. Because those customs have changed very little since her childhood, Anji knew the layout of the market without having to even see it again. That meant that she had an instinctive feel for the best places for winter engagement photos. For instance, she knew that the Christmas market’s main thoroughfares were not ideal. The crowds would be too dense to get the kind of shots this couple was expecting. After getting a few pictures with the lights of the market in the background, she brought them to a quiet side street. That gave us more freedom to set up lights behind them that illuminated the transparent umbrella that we had given them. Thanks to Anji’s inside knowledge, we were able to get this stunning shot, which turned out to be their favorite from the shoot.

Location: Marktkirche, Hanns-Lilje-Platz 2, 30159 Hannover.

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