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Romantic Sitting Engagement Photos

When you book a professional photographer in DC for your engagement session, you want one thing from them: stunning images. Pretty obvious, right? Everyone wants a collection of photos of them and their future spouse that they will treasure forever. But as you shop for the right DC engagement photographer, it is worth thinking a bit about what exactly that means. We can all agree that you want pictures that are beautiful, but what would they look like? What would be the important elements that you would have to see for them to blow your mind?

In our experience as Washington DC wedding photographers, the answers to those questions can vary quite a lot from couple to couple. Some value the photographic style above all else. Others care more about the moment and the genuineness of the emotions. We have met spouses-to-be for whom the location is paramount because it is part of their love story. No two couples are exactly alike, and each one is going to have their own personal preferences. This is why we tell every prospective client that they need to make sure that they find the DC professional photographer that is the absolute best fit for them.

Offbeat Engagement Photographer DC

There are, however, certain things that every couple wants in their DC engagement photos. The first is that they look beautiful in the images. Again, this is pretty obvious. Everyone wants to look fantastic in every picture taken of them. From a selfie to a school photo to a family picture, we all always care what we look like on film. But that desire is never stronger than it is when it comes to wedding and engagement photography. Unlike a random selfie, those images are going to last forever. You will look at them on important anniversaries. You will show them to you friends. Your children and grandchildren will see them and marvel at how young you appear in them. Because your wedding and engagement photos need to be built to last, you need to love how you look in them.

The second thing that every pair of future spouses wants from their DC engagement photos is that the images tell their specific love story. Generic portraits, no matter how beautiful, are worthless if they do not help the world see why you love each other. They will lack the spark and the life that sets awesome pictures apart from the rest. So your Washington DC wedding photographer needs to make sure that they capture elements that reveal your personalities. And not just yours as individuals. The best wedding and engagement photography will highlight that plus what makes you special as a couple.

The final thing that all spouses-to-be expect from their professional photographer is pictures that are unique. Obviously, if they do your specific love story justice, those images are going to be different from everyone else’s. But you also are going to want photographs that stand out visually. You want elements that jump out and grab the viewer’s attention. You want things in the frame that cannot be ignored. You want something that you just do not see in other engagement photos. You want photos that make your friends die of envy just a little bit because they know they will never have them.

How Unique DC Photoshoot Locations Can Go Wrong

We understand why having unique, one-of-a-kind engagement portraits matters so much to you and your future spouse. And more importantly, we are committed to giving each and every one of our clients exactly that. When we consider potential DC photoshoot locations, we are always looking for elements that you cannot find anywhere else. Sometimes they can be big -- as big as mountains. They can also be quite small, just lurking in the background of the frame. All that matters is that they are distinct and special.

If you and your future spouse are picking the location, you are probably going to do the exact same. We do, however, always advise our clients to be a little careful in their selecting. You should by all means look for a location with a little bit of distinctiveness. That will absolutely help you get fantastic engagement portraits. But beware of sites whose entire appeal is one specific thing. Having your engagement session in places like that can paradoxically leave you with photos that are ultimately unsatisfying.

How is that possible? How could unique locations end up producing images that you do not fully love? The answer is that you also need some variety in your engagement photo album. You need some with one look and feel, and others with another. You need some for grandma. You need one for your mantel. You need one to make the wallpaper on your phone. And those should probably all look a little different. Fifty photos that look more or less the same are not going to do it for you -- no matter how stunning they might be.

And that is the problem with selecting locations dominated by one unique element. If the entire appeal of the venue is that singular thing, then all of your photos are going to feature it in some way. So In pursuit of something special, you end up getting trapped in a box, creatively speaking. And you do not get the variety you want or need.

At this point, you might be finding the process of picking a location for your engagement shoot to be more intimidating. You might be worried that the place you have your heart set on is unsuitable for getting stunning portraits. If so, please rest easy. We offer this advice to help, not to hurt. We want you to get the engagement photos you want and deserve, and are here to help you in that in any way we can. With that in mind, we encourage you to reach out to us as you plan your engagement photo shoot. Ask us about the locations you are considering. We are always happy to share the expertise we have gained as DC wedding photographers. Whether we have photographed couples at those spots or not, we can definitely help you figure out whether they are going to be appropriate for the kinds of images you want. We can talk you through the photographic considerations and help you reach a decision guaranteed to leave you delighted with the pictures you receive. Please reach out to us at any time via this link.

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