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Romantic Sitting Engagement Photos

When couples ask us about how we’re going to take their engagement portraits, one question comes up a lot. How much will we pose them? And our answer is very clear. As much as is necessary to ensure they love their engagement pictures! We always want your portraits to be as natural as possible. That way, they’ll be a genuine expression of the way you feel about each other. At the same time, we know that being photographed can be pretty awkward. And that you can’t see yourselves as we’re taking pictures of you. So we’re going to use posing to help you relax and to make sure you look perfect in the photos. But always with an eye on keeping things natural. Romantic sitting engagement photos like this one don’t happen by accident, after all! They need just the right mix of posing and freedom.

Three Keys to Natural Posed Engagement Portraits

At this point, you might be wondering how we’re able to balance these two potentially competing priorities. To be honest, it’s not always easy! But we have a lot of experience working with couples, many of whom are very nervous and stressed. So we’ve developed an approach that helps strike a perfect mix. Here’s what we’ll do during your engagement session:

  • Avoid elaborate, high-concept poses. The more we pose you, the less natural it’s going to look. In addition, complex posing can put you in positions that feel awkward or uncomfortable. And those are two words you never want to hear about your engagement portraits! So we keep things basic. We use simple poses that don’t stray far from your own natural body language.
  • Create connection. Wait, you’re thinking, doesn’t basic just mean boring? Yes, it can! But with some small adjustments, simple poses can still look and feel intimate and personal. How? Through little connections like keeping your hands on one another and maintaining eye contact. This image is a great example of how effective that can be. The hand of the bride-to-be on her groom’s knee and the gaze she’s fixed on him create a connection that makes the photo seem entirely natural.
  • Give you time. We’ve learned from experience that being photographed professionally takes some getting used to. The photos we take tend to get better and better as a session progresses. In a similar way, each new pose can feel a little weird at first. But they almost all get more comfortable as a couple relaxes into them. So we take our time with each pose or scenario. We let you get used to it and to create little connections of your own. And the results will be every bit as beautiful as you hope!

Romantic Sitting Engagement Photos – Tricky but Worth It!

Some poses are harder than others of course. Creating those little connections we talked about can be tricky. Sometimes your hands and faces aren’t in the right positions for that. That’s one of the things that gives seated poses a higher degree of difficulty. If you think about it for a minute, you’ll realize why that is. If you and your future spouse are sitting on a bench, for example, maintaining body and eye contact is difficult. With your legs facing forward, you have to twist your torsos towards each other. It can be done, of course, but those images can very easily start to look and feel awkward.

Fortunately, there is an easy solution! Sitting you down on the ground makes it much easier to take romantic sitting engagement photos. Your legs can angle towards your partner’s (and vice versa) and even overlap. That allows your torsos to follow and makes creating additional contact points much less awkward. (And don’t worry about getting dirty! We always bring a blanket to every engagement session for this exact scenario.)

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